Vayechi – Genesis 47:28-50:26

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  1. Gavriel says

    re swearing an oath to god* As Aveenu Malkaynu’s name is YHWH and not god (refer to any dictionary to view this generic term that refers to anything one wants to make a god), swearing in anything but His name as shown in the Hebrew text will mean nothing. Aveenu Malkaynu doesnt like to be worshiped like the heathen god’s or called by their terminology god. He clearly tells us to use His name which isn’t god, and His son’s name isn’t jesus. Yeshua or Yehoshua is His name so use it! If i was to swear and oath it would be in His name or His son’s name both of which are clear in the Hebrew and are not god or jesus. Please stop using these pagan terms, and Nehemia G should now better, but then again it was the Jews who hid the name and used the term Adonai or Elohim rather than His actual name, and irrespective of whether it is used to demonstrate a point, the name of our Father in Heaven is not god.

  2. Gavriel says

    and that includes names like HaShem (the name) – is not His name….

  3. Tzofiya says

    The God of the Universe doesn’t have a son, like some sort of greek or roman god that comes & has some private time with a young virgin. And tah-dah—-9 months later here comes a Demi-god child… My question is: How would this make Him different from zeus, or apollo, or hermes or eros? Wasn’t it in these pagan countries people were forced to worship gods& their demi-god children?
    By the way worshiping a god son is not a jewish thing to do. Remember the 10 words?…well try to remember the 1st 4. And lets not rag on the Rabbi’s, one the reasons they hid the true name , at the time was to stop the murdering of huge numbers of the jewish people. Who were forbidden to read Torah. They were trying to preserve human life. The rabbi’s did the best they could. I’m sure if the rabbi’s had another option they would have choose it.
    And I would like to gently point out; Moses himself used many names of God; not just the holy name. & Moses spoke face to face with HIM. & GOD called Moses HIS friend. Wasn’t Moses leading by example?
    Also i have to say; heard very heartfelt prayers, that were asked in the name of HaShem, Elohim,
    Adonai, & His very Holy name.(which i’m not writing here because respect for Him) & those prayers were answered. So why ask a demi-god to answer prayer? Seriously why?
    And as to Nehemia G. I like his teaching style, it reminds me of my jewish gramma Matilda(blessed memory.) I think maybe the person above just has not” heard”with his ears what he/Nehemia is communicating, yet. 🙂

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