1. Krisi says

    Jono, I’m not caught up on these yet but I was wondering if there are some missing here. It goes to Job 11:1-20 and then there are no more. I also went to recent guests and clicked on Ira’s name but come to this same link. Job 11 has the date of Sept.20 so I was just wondering if there have been any other recordings since then. Thanks.

  2. Michael Spieker says

    I really like this series on Job. may times I will listen to the previous episodes in anticipation of the next one to come out. I request that when this series is complete that Ira and Jono do one on the book of Jonah.

  3. jenny says

    Nice Jono! Thank you for arranging the topics of your guests! I love listening to your program eversince i listened to torah pearls, now im also downloading the other topics! Keep up the good work! May Yah continually bless you! Shalom!

  4. James Hayman says


    I wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and thoughts and beliefs. I think it only fair to share some of mine in return that will impart my perspective on your latest talk with Jono. Reading in the New Testament in an English translation from Greek has been problematic in understanding the true message so I decided to go to the best source possible under the circumstances not being a Hebrew reader. I started first studying Revelation and ran across chapter 14 verse 12 which in part says those whom Jesus/Yehoshua considers his saints keep the commandments and have the faith of Yehoshua not faith in him. Under this definition of a follower of Yehoshua, of the people I listen to only you and Yoel and Nehemia and Jono qualify as a saint of the Most High.

    Yehoshua’s (am I spelling this correctly?) mission by his own words was only to the Jews. The commission from Yehovah was to the Children of Israel and those of the mixed multitude who kept his commandments. So it appears to me that only those Children of Israel who are obeying that commission to be his representatives and keep his commandments are likewise to be considered saints of the Most High. Yehoshua said it was a narrow gate and few there would be who found it. I think he was referring to those who like you who have the knowledge and discernment to find it will be able to point the way for everybody else. So plant your seeds Ira and hopefully they will bear fruit.

    The first among your brothers may have been Shaul called Paul the Apostle. I read the account of his conversion and later ministry carefully and decided he was recruited by Yehoshua and taught by Yehoshua in what to say and who to go to, first to the Jew then to the Gentile. Maybe Yehovah did this in order to provoke His chosen ones to jealousy that they might fulfill their commission.

    Anyway enough of my meanderings.

    Thank you, Jim

  5. Chuck says

    G’Day Jono,
    I made it to Job 19, the last entry on the website. Is this continued elsewhere? Maybe Ira is on vacation. In any case, when will you be continuing this story if indeed you intend to. Once again, thanks for all three of your ongoing explorations of the Tanak.

  6. Chuck says

    Hello, Jono.
    I just listened to chapter 24 of Job through an email from you, but now realize that I missed chapters 20-23. The web page that I’m on right now only goes up to chapter 19. Is there an archive where I can find a discussion of the missing chapters? Thanks for your help and especially for making this material available and allowing us to correct life-long misguided opinions. This goes for ‘Torah Pearls’ and ‘Light of the Prophets’ as well.

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