1. Jeff Hill says


    it is completely unfair to our good friend N.G. by limiting “his” show to 1 hour! I would very much like J. and K. to have more opportunities to chime in during the Haftarah.


  2. Karla Leversee Mitchell says

    Thank you for the Torah Pearls and the beginning of the Torah Pearl Prophets……I am praying for each of you! The time to follow YHVH is now, your teachings is a wonderful Light shining on the narrow path. Your sister on the journey, Shalom

  3. Frankie Torres says

    I pray to YHVH Almighty that you and your’s are doing good and are safe during the major heat wave. May His Hand be upon you’s, My Brother and Sister B’Shem Yehoshua.

  4. Marty Shrabel says

    Please continue with the Prophets series. What you are doing with presenting the wonderful Word of Yehovah is so critical to the world today. I listen to your podcasts every day as they are my source of understanding the scriptures which provides joy, peace and hope. Thank you, all three of you, for all that you do under the power of our One and only, true and living God. Blessings.

  5. Victoria says

    Yes ,I agree I really want to hear the Prophets Pearls.I love listening every week to the Torah portion.You guys are so funny it makes my day.I’ve been to Israel twice and each time it was during a feast first time at Shavuot and second at Passover can’t wait to go during Sukkot one day.I actually went to Mt. Gerizm.

  6. Michelle says

    Hi Jono, Keith, & Nehemia~
    I agree with Marty. Please do continue the HafTorah series. I love your teachings & style of teaching. I learn so much from it & get plenty of laughs, as well. May Yehovah Bless you all,

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