Torah Pearls – Season 2 – Bereshith


How are we to understand the “Us” and “Our” in Genesis 1:26? In what way was Cain’s offering considered inferior to Abel’s? Why was Cain’s punishment so peculiar? And who exactly were the “Nephilim” of Genesis 6:4? Tune in to find out in the all new Season 2 of Torah Pearls!

Rabbi Tovia Singer – Craig Evans Debate

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  1. Evelyn Rose Milham says

    Is there a written copy of (transcript) of your program. I have a difficult time hearing. Not so much volume but lost of hearing letters 🙁

  2. Carlo says

    The angels had part in creation, WHAT? You Call that Hermeneutics? Take off your kippah let some of the arrogance out and some RUACK in..

    The moment Jono didn’t understand the Alef Taw I knew there was problems and there it is. Jono kautaws to rabbinic Yudaism denying Messiah: Yes, thats what this program sounds off as. I would love to debate all three of you together. But of course they will side -step away like the crabs they are.

    Jono did you become a Talmudist, REALLY?

  3. jono vandor says

    LOL, a “Jesus is the aleph-tav” Seventh Day Adventist! Thanks for the laugh Carlo 🙂

  4. Leslie Spell says

    As a goat dairy farmer, I can tell that Tovia is a city person. I work every day with my animals. And I know why and how hay makes the animal bigger. But I do realize that we are only shepherds and it is the Creator who has made the master plan and laid things out. BTW crop farmers get to rest while the plants grow. LOL

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