Sh’lach – Numbers 13:1-15:41

In this Torah Portion, what does the name Hoshea mean? is there Hebrew slang in the Torah? What is God’s perspective of forgiveness? Caleb and Jesus went into the land? What does it mean to sin with an uplifted hand? Also, beware of the tzit tzit police!

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  1. Mary says

    Ok Jono,

    Great job, 2nd time around, and it just gets better and better. Nehimah in 15:37-41 said the par passage was Duet 22:15– not even close. Is he just messing with us to see if we will look this up on our own?

    Duet 22:15 “then the girls father and mother are to take evidence of the girls virginity . . .”
    Oh I checked the context too.

    And please don’t change a thing about the broadcast.


  2. Linda Wells says

    Have some mercy Mary – Nehemia’s verse was Deu 22:12

    Hey Keith, did you know that the 1611 original KJV of the bible doesn’t have the letter J in it? Do you know why? The letter J did not exist yet, in any language. That means when Yeshua was here on earth, there is no way they called him Jesus. Always learning aren’t we.

    Great job guys, good discussion!! Todah!

  3. Kevin George says

    The parallel passage is Duet. 22:12.

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