Noach – Genesis 6:9-11:32

Was there a Law code during the time of Noah? What was the sin of Ham? What is the significance of the rainbow? What was the purpose of the tower of Babel? Who was Nimrod? Was Hebrew the spoken language before the Babel incident? Who is the “us” in Genesis 11:7?

Corresponding Prophets Portion: Isaiah 54:1-55:5

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  1. Chris says

    I do not believe that the Word is telling us that Ham or Canaan sodomised their father/Grandfather… Exposing Noah’s nakedness should be thought more to the fact that Ham has done some that has brought great distress to Noah – 8th Melchizedek… and Canaan is the focus of this distress… Then we see that Ham’s other sons make names for themselves…

    Was Ham encouraging Noah’s drunkenness to perhaps hide something about Canaan…? Was this at one of YHWY’s feasts…

    Were not some if not many of the Descendants of Canaan the same that were Giant people…?

  2. Chuck says

    I’m reminded of the story of Lot’s daughters doing him. He’s so drunk that he doesn’t wake up during the acts, yet has no trouble getting it up. Here we have a man that’s so drunk that he sleeps through sodomy, and yet seems to know what happened and who did it when he woke up. If uncovering your father’s nakedness means sodomy, then what does covering your father’s nakedness mean? De-sodomy?

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