Ira Michaelson – My Journey from Orthodox to Messianic to Contextual Judaism

Be challenged by Ira’s story as he sets the record straight and explains how he was born into Orthodox Judaism, journeyed through Messianic Judaism, and came out the other side as a Tanakh based contextualist.

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  1. Mary says

    Thank you so much Jono and Ira. I agree community is so important, now that I’ve slid down that slope with my eyes wide open I love where I am. It’s a bit labor intensive but I’d rather look things up and be convinced of the scripture than blindly swallowing the what people have said was true.

    As for a journey, we used to call these testimonies. Mine was always motivated by scripture, just couldn’t get the truth, always a agenda.

    My issue now, is simple straight forward, like a spiritual baby ( hi Jason), of growth. But not knowing Hebrew for myself and having to use which uses Strongs is not half as revealing as hearing Nechemia, Yoel, and you Ira explain the context. So thank you for leading me to that cliff ( slope), I eagerly slipped on my own. Praising Yehovah all the way.

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