HR ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark?’

This week Jono and Jason explore Hebrews Chapter 9 and compare the contents of the Ark as listed in the New Testament with those listed in the Tanakh. Join us as we return to the Hebrew Roots and strive to find out if the accounts match up,

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  1. Vince White says

    I am not sure, but if I understood the Raiders of the lost Ark, and the differences between Hebrew 9 and Torah.

    If I am understanding it, God said in Ex.16:34 to put it before the Testimony. Later the Testimony appears to be the 10 commandments, not given till Chapter 20. The Ark is not made till Ex25, and even in Ex 25:16 it mentions to place into the Ark the testimony I shall give you 9. Sounds in future tense. But if God wanted the manna pot before the testimony, this would not be the Ark of the testimony, but the testimony. Would it not? Also, the 1 king reference is about 500 years after the tabernacle, and the Ark had really been around town by then. Ie. philistine capture and man handling of it just to mention one. I am not surprised the pot not there by 1 kings. What about the rat and tumour gold offerings. I ran the web and it stated the pot of manna was thought by Rabbinical tradition to have been in the Ark at one time too (including I think it said Philo). So, the unknown writer of Hebrews as you referred to him is in good company then.

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