Did Replacement Theology Give Rise to Antisemitism? – Tovia Singer


It was now becoming apparent to Christians that the Church, over the course of centuries, had not taken into account the looming presence of the Talmud in Jewish life, nor reckoned with the fact that this text constituted a monumental, and perhaps insurmountable, impediment to Jewish conversion. In other words, when the Church discovered the Talmud, it felt compelled to reconsider its attitude toward the Jews. – Tovia Singer, Let’s Get Biblical, vol.1


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  1. Stephen W. Kraner says

    Actually, anti-Semitism gave rise to the doctrine of replacement theology.

  2. Larry Cheshier says

    It was the other way around. The move against YHVH was already in full swing. Making YHVH available to all who will come into Israel through His son Yeshua was something those of the dark forces wanted to prevent. By spreading this hate, it would distort the true message and prevent many from coming to know the only and true God – YHVH. Read “The Big Lie” by Michael Cohen.

  3. Roberta says


    I have a question for you to ask Tovia Singer, but English is my second laguage and I am having a hard time formulating the question. If anyone can help me out, I would appreciate. Here it is the situation:

    See, in Egypt we know that the lamb-god was the last god to be defeated by HaShem, which the lamb-god worshipers probably understood that it was over and probably were among those that left Egypt along with Israel.

    Now, we know that in Christianity the lamb-god was also killed (the whole killed at passover in the place of people for forgiveness of sin, which makes no sense etc). Many Christians are waiting for a rapture or full protection during the ‘Jacobs trouble’, would the Christian suffering prove to them that their lamb-god is not god at all and come to HaShem, as the second Exodus comes?

    I so hope you understand what I am trying to say.

    thank you,


  4. inzion says

    “If God was not faithful to His people, why should we assume He will be any more faithful to the Church? What is our final hope in the Jewish-Christian conversation? To be one? How? Not one assimilating the other. Maybe walking side by side. – (P. Van Buren, Discerning the Way, 25ff.)

  5. Penina says

    I was appalled and angry when I first heard of replacement theology, the presumptuousness of Christianity to believe they had the right to take the Jews’ place as HaShem’s chosen people.

    Rabbi Singer is correct when he talks about Messianics who say they love the Jewish people, while the whole time they are trying to get them to accept Jesus. Unfortunately most of the time the love they claim is conditional upon the Jews accepting Christ.

    I wish I had a quarter for every time I heard a Messianic say “He/she’s such an intelligent person and knows the Scripture. I don’t understand why they don’t ‘get it’, they are spiritually blind.” They never stop to think that they themselves might be the ones who are spiritually blind.

    Thank you for these programs, I also want to thank Rabbi Singer and Jason Spiritualbabies for all the hard work that goes into making the shows. They mean so much to me and I am grateful for all the intelligent thought and information you all share. What I am learning is completely changing my outlook on life and it’s all for the better.

    p.s. Thank you to Scott ^ for the link to part of the movie.

  6. Red says

    Wait, this bashing doesn’t help either side, two kids saying who hit who first. Ask Jacob brother of Yeshua (I.e., James the Just) or Stephen, both murdered on the Temple grounds by guess who? Perhaps it was the banning of Yeshua’s Talmidim from the Temple around 68 CE. Or the prophetic warning that they had received to flee from Yerusalem in 70 CE, told years before from Yeshua and then from Saul/Paul? Or maybe it was because of the bar Kochba revolt when followers of Yeshua were unwilling to accept that one as Messiah and so could not fight. Stop it, there is enough sin to go around to condemn everyone involved. We are where we are now, what is the way forward that our Father would approve?

  7. Roberta says

    Red, you are saying that the anti-semintism started after some Jews were hurt by other Jews?

    If you read 3 John 1:9 (not that I believe it), you will see that he is alerting people that ‘brothers’ were no longer allowed in their assembly and that was because a Greek leader. So, do the math.

    The replacement is older than we thought.

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