Can Divorced Israel Return? – Tovia Singer


“They say, ‘If a man divorces his wife,
And she goes from him
And becomes another man’s,
May he return to her again?’
Would not that land be greatly polluted?
But you have played the harlot with many lovers;
Yet return to Me,” says Yehovah – Jeremiah 3:1

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  1. Brian says

    Read the book of Hosea. The wife is freed to marry again on the death of the husband but in the case of Gomer, she repented, came back to Abba and followed the righteous instructions of Torah, became a model woman and the pride of her husband, Hosea. Similarly rebellious Beit Israel/Joseph/Ephraim must repent, take up Torah and then be received by her husband, Abba, in the land. She must be acceptable to Abba, the same as Yahudah/Judah before she can.

  2. Stephen W. Kraner says

    With “death”, we are freed to marry another. Yahushua, having been raised the first fruit of a “new creation”, has entered into a new marriage covenant. (The terms of the new marriage covenant are essentially the same as the previous covenant. But, this time, instead of being typified by Ishmael and born of Hagar, the bond woman, Yahushua is born of the Spirit , typified by Sarah.) Having been buried in baptism, we, by faith, are buried with Yahushua and also raised a “new creation” in Messiah Yahushua. In Messiah Yahushua, we are accounted as free to marry another.

  3. shirley gibson says

    I have a question or two. I have just listened to this program and while at work, i had on repeat, a program with Ira Michaelson in which he also discussed this and Hosea 2. This has been floating around just out of reach until today. So has the marriage between Yehovah and his bride, ALL 13 TRIBES, been consummated yet? Could we have messed up so terribly while in the “engagement” period, before it was consummated, that He had to tell us to get out of His face? But He couldn’t tell all 13 tribes to go away, so He only used the 10 tribes as the example, letting us all know how upset He was with our behavior because of our spiritual idolatry/ adultery but had to keep Judah close because He promised that a King – His King – would come from that tribe. I realize that the engagement period still considers you a wife technically. Could it be, because we sinned in the engagement period, that He then refers to us as His children to let us know that He loves us, like a parent and will be quick to take us back is we repent and are sincere? Could He be waiting for us to show Him we are ready to be a mature responsible wife? Or that we are ready to be His wife? Could the re gathering come or be when we have matured and returned to him as His bride who has willingly gotten herself ready for her wedding/consummation ceremony? Could the re gathering be the literal coming to get “my bride” and return her to the place I have prepared so that she can become my Official wife? What husband wouldn’t move heaven and earth to go get His bride and gather her to himself and take her home to His house? We’ve not had any children because it has not been consummated yet. So could the resurrection and the re gathering be when we are gathered back to Yehovah and our marriage covenant is renewed and the marriage will then be consummated and we will bear children?

    Is repentance the next step?
    What do we do next to hasten the day?

    Ok i lied – it was several questions? Answers anyone 🙂

  4. Clea Belcher says

    That was a refreshing show. It seems that too many Christians write Israel off until they go through the Great Tribulation. If you look at the multitudes returning now, is God just gathering them all together so He can let the wicked, like Hamas, kill them? No, He loves them very much and remembers His promises. If they turn to Him, He will pour out His blessings on them and protect them from the gates of hell. We should pray for Israel, but we also should take heed to our own nations that we not come under the judgment of the Almighty.

  5. Clea Belcher says

    One more point. I firmly believe Yeshua is Messiah! However, I believe Yehovah is the only God, as backed up by scripture old and new testaments. Here I will go out on a limb, a thought outside the box. Can Satan be insulting Yehovah in the ultimate way? He makes humanity, Christians in particular, worship “Jesus” instead of Yehovah.
    He attempts to make humanity ignore the Creator and forget the first commandment. That commandment means exactly what it says.

  6. Diana says

    Shalom! I’ve been studying the ministry of Yeshua; He taught Torah and asserted in Hebrew Matthew 5:17 that he did not come to do away with Moses law (Torah) but to interpret it correctly, he said not even one yod or one vav could ever pass away from Torah until everything would come to pass. Yeshua never told people to worship him, he said no man is righteous, only God our Father is righteous! It is through Yeshua’s teaching that we who were in sin(violating Torah), have come to know Torah and have now repented and turned back to our Father and creator! Christianity has misinterpreted the teaching of Yeshua, if YHWH messiah- ed Cyrus the pagan king for the assignment to allow the rebuilding the temple, why do we debate the fact that Yeshua was messiah-ed to come and teach Torah so that we, the lost house of Israel returns to our loving Father and Elohim???. The only way the chosen people (Jews/ Israelites) can help the Christians is not to condemn them, i know they were persecuted and killed but they have to forgive and have compassion on us their offspring. They were chosen as royal priests and should gently shepherd us back to our Father with love and kindness, the little flock is ready to learn, but if the teacher is harsh and extremely critical not teaching with love the sheep will rebel and scatter. It takes the mercy of our Father YHWH to understand that what we inherited from our fore fathers was lies (Jer16:16)

  7. Diana says

    I meant Jer. 16:19 “……..surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity and things in which there is no profit”

  8. Gabriel says

    Does it means that the commandment apply only to the creation and not to the creator?

  9. nehemiavision says

    My question is then , the commandments only apply for the creation but not to the creator?

  10. CKDees says

    The Torah is the way of the Creator. He doesn’t have rules apply to him. The rules ARE his righteous ways. That said there are things that only apply on Earth and to us as Mankind. There are also analogous points of reference (like Marriage) that YHVH shows us in order that we might understand something about His ways, like the covenant between Israel and Himself.

  11. Roberta says

    Diana – Shalom!

    I wanted to do a little correction if you don’t mind.

    Actually there are several righteous man all over the Scriptures. Please read here on your bible.
    Matthew 23:35 (Common English Bible)

    “Therefore, upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been poured out on the earth, from the blood of that righteous man Abel to the blood of Zechariah the son of Barachiah, whom you killed between the temple and the altar. ”

    Being righteous according to Christian doctrine is a person that never ever ever sinned since birth, and even at this point the person is still tainted as the doctrine says everyone is born spiritually dead. This is not found in scripture at all. People are born good and they choose bad. Cain could have chosen a different path, as HaShem told him he could overcome sin.

    Jesus said that Good was only One, the One in Heaven. That is probably because HaShem doesn’t have the evil inclination, he doesn’t have to chose right or wrong, all his ways are righteous, since He is The One.

    I think the Jewish leaders are being kind to people, but that is because Christians are coming to them with a humble heart instead of the idea of being spiritual superior and that is what will be a great thing.

  12. nehemiavision says

    If the father doesn’t have rules to apply to Him, how is it that we can trust Him on His swearing and promises? [Isa 45:23 KJV] 23 I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth [in] righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.

  13. Sinimian says

    Can divorced Israel return?

    Of course Israel can return, that is the meaning of the parable regarding the Prodigal Son.Not all of Israel shall return though as the parable of the wedding makes clear, many of the invited guests were thrown out as they weren’t properly dressed. How does one dress in righteousness? Torah is righteousness.

    On the eschatological timeline, this doesn’t begin till the commencement of punishments on the mystery nation called Mega Babylon (Jeremiah 50:4).

  14. Penina says

    Another wonderful and thought provoking show. If I hadn’t already come to the conclusion on my own through study that Jesus cannot possibly be who I was taught he is, this show would have started me on that train of thought.

    As it is, it gave me confirmation that I am indeed on the right path in my spiritual journey. Rabbi Singer makes it all so clear while backing it up with Scripture. Jason Spiritualbabies also has good insights and thoughts to offer.

    Jono, your input is also very valuable. Thank you for doing these shows.

  15. Cynthia says

    The belief I hold is that Yeshua is God in the flesh. When He died, I died, and the life I now live is by faith in Him, my Righteousness.

  16. Aaron Kavli says

    I always find it interesting what the various groups consider allegorical and literal. Someone tried to explain the whole Jesus had to do die so God could marry Israel again, insisting it was a literal divorce and telling me how Torah forbids it. Then I was left wondering did YHVH marry His son, Israel? Surely that is forbidden. I guess I’m just not going deep enough into the shadows and types and etc.Then I could know if Israel was a literal son or a literal wife or how one can marry his son.

  17. says

    The father does not married israel literally, therefore there could not be a literally divorce either, yet the covenant at sinai, was a type of wedding to the extend that the jewish community adopted the chupa as a marriage symbol in conjunction with the ketubah, elements that are taken from the experience at the sinai. Should we take this elements as symbolic and not as the actual covenant and blessing?
    The torah constantly quote the relationship withs the father as a marriage relation, thou is very convenient to use it as the good side of the relation but when the covenant is broken, the marriage rules does not apply. Even I read the Rabbi expression that the rules don’t apply to the creator. What a nonsense! Just go back to the ketuba, and the wedding ceremony and tell the bridegroom it does not apply to him. Oh yeah that’s right, we humans are not in the same relationship that The Creator! Shalom brothers, nothing against juda, we love you, pray and learn a lot from you.

  18. Aggy says

    It is interesting that we all can “prove” what we believe from the same text – Jew and Christian alike. I think the news flash is that NONE of us have the absolute truth. What I thought of truth 10 years ago seems as absolute insanity. But now that I am looking at things from the Jewish perspective, I also have discovered that Judaism is full of idol worship the same as Christianity. It is just more evident in the Christian world. Yet, so many Jewish traditions have their roots in pure paganism and superstition. Even the sweet song “Shalom Aleichem”(look up the words and the history).
    We need to stop pointing fingers at each other and humble ourselves and admit that Christians have much to gain to learn from Jews and Jews need to stop their arrogance and to recognize that most Christians actually would want to know the truth and would want to change their ways if they had someone to tell them the truth. The Jewish people should have bee the light of the nations. They are the ones who were to teach those who are hungry for the truth. I understand the history and the animosity. I really do! However, we need to get past it. I am deeply saddened by the pride and arrogance coming from many Jewish believers. You can do all the good deeds and keep Torah perfectly, but it is all nullified if there is no humble spirit behind. Torah clearly shows that it is the status of ones hear that determines our relationship with the Father and not the bloodline.

    Recently had a friend returning from Israel. On the flight there were some Orthodox Jewish men who were giving out candy to kids on the plane. They stopped by each person and asked if they were a Jew. If they said yes, they received candy. If no, they were passed. In their eyes, they were completing their good deed of the day, but in the eyes of the non-Jewish brother, they just lost an opportunity for them to hear what they have to say – maybe even for life…… How sad. Is this what our Father had in mind? Highly unlikely……

    Thank you Jono for your wonderful programming!

  19. says

    I Agree the teachings of truth 2 u radio are good. But as in every stage, there are things improvable and in the wrong side. I am not a christian, and when the believe in the messiah is generalized by the name of “christians” is when I am appeal. I do believe in a Messiah, not the Jesus of the christians but the Yehoshuah of the jews. And there is an enormous gap between them. Tradition teaches that christ die for our sins and his blood cleans us. I learned that he messiah was killed unjustly, and the shead of his blood was a payment. This injustice opened a door for us, the nations to come, and the dispersed from the northern tribes to come back as their sin was rebellion and treason, sin that there is no sacrifice to return, or expiation provided in the torah. even the symbolism of the marriage explained clearly. Yes The Father could easily accept any repentant heart, but He cannot go against His own decree. however, the killing of the Messiah, is as the killing of Joseph character and integrity as a son of Jacob, son of the promise, but yet not able to remain as a son of Israel, in the most pure fashion. This is the reason, Jacob adopted ephraim and Mannasses as their own, from where the fault of the tribe of Joseph was covered. This is all symbolism and literally fulfillment of the justice and righteousness of our great King, Hashem.
    The same way as our messiah was slain, in order to set us free from the law of the rebellious wife and treason, he rise up in order for us to be accepted back as the returning sinner, adulterous, wife, son, people. Is an act of righteousness, not a cleansing by the blood. Is all over the ancient near east practices and international law.

  20. Amanda Jacobsen says

    Interesting that you spend so much time trying to get people NOT to believe in Yeshua … very interesting ….. as if you are trying to convince yourselves.
    Yeshua came with the very message that the Tanak is declaring …. RETURN TO YEHOVAH. The people had so strayed from Yehovah. Their traditions had become their idol. That is why Yeshua came!

  21. jono vandor says

    Amanda, what we are succeeding in doing is getting people to believe in the message of the Tanakh. If “Yeshua came with the very message that the Tanakh is declaring”, as you claim, then there never was a need for the message of the “New Testament”. And yet it’s interesting that you feel the need to defend Yeshua… very interesting …as if you are trying to convince yourself. 😉

  22. Kirksey Todd says

    Why would you want to marry the son and not get back with the Father? If the son was sent to call people back to the Father, why then marry the “son” and not be reconciled back to your to your reformer husband, who is the Creator?

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