Nehemia Gordon – Torah’s Clash With Culture

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  1. shirley gibson says

    wow the teachings that come through this ministry always makes you think and reconsider what you think you know which is usually not what you thought you knew :-). Loving it as it always makes you think and rethink – keep up the good work. Jono you have no idea how refreshing this is to those who hunger for Yehovah’s truth Thank you Nehemia for sharing the profound leasons you have been learning on this adventure with Yehovah. Look forward to hearing more of your adventures. I give this ministry TWO THUMBS UP!

  2. elena says

    Make it three thumbs!

  3. Bobby Glenn says

    It is always been fascinating to me how the mothology of every culture around the world has basically the same story: creation, world flood, etc. Great broadcast as usual!

  4. Karaite says

    When I listen to Nehemia and Jono speaking the truth, it is always feeding my soul. I listen to the Torah teachings over and over again. We all need to listen to the truth!

  5. Ida Blom says

    Fantastically interesting conversation! I KNEW Nehemia would be picking up gems of knowledge in these foreign cultures. Thanks for this one, Jono!

  6. Ida. Blom says

    I learned very much of the Chinese culture by reading Amy Tan’s books, one of which was made into a movie: “The Joy Luck Club.” Fascinating was the “Kitchen god’s wife” – very pagan, but teaches you a lot about how the culture clashes with the culture of the west. One example: Mothers will lie and make their children look bad in the eyes of others, just so that that ‘good luck’ can come to the children. If you speak well of your children, then ‘bad luck’ can come to your children. I hope I remember correctly, but it was something like that and which was completely incongruent for our western minds to understand.

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