Nehemia Gordon – The War of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness (Part Three)

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  1. eileen says

    The sons of light/war. If one reads the document it dose sound like the book of Revelations with the trumpets and with the naming/writting of/on the trumpets with some aspect of the messiahs nature or thoughts/determinations (the Lord is my banner) for going forward in war. -the spears looking like corn( i do not know that israel had corn in AD) wheat might give a better look/idea of a searated blade. Gold silver bronze might be a view of modern lazer warfare some gun shells are made of bronze. -name study on the names listed: Levi=joining, Judah=this time I will praise the Lord, giving thanks, Benjamin=rightous young child,son of the right side,associated with strength & virture,name consistently writen w/final mem literally translated “spirit man”(messiah?)(Rachel named=son of my pain-Israel in modern times).- Edom=red,south Judea. Moab=seed of father. Ammon=people, Jordan. Amalek=a clan,Esau/Edom. Philista=to divide,go through,invade land,( of Gaza,Gath,Ashdod). Kittim=seafaring west,invaders(Noah). Asshur= Nimrod?,Nineveh,Asyrian. Beliah= worthless, beli without, idolaters,sons of destruction,sons of lawlessness,never to rise.
    It has been said that when the Hebrews left Egypt they went out in a line of seven, then the OT talks of the of the divisions of a thousand,one hundred etc.
    **its all very interesting and in modern times Israel has been at war for alot of years and now surround by very much the same manor as this doc.. Bob Wadsworth(astronomy book) of Oregon, lectured on how he thought there would be seven years of each seven events of the trumpets….so who knows…

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