HR ‘Regarding all these words’

This week Jono and Jason continue to explore the Book of Hebrews:Chapter 9. What was the mysterious mix created in Hebrews 9:19? When does it appear in the Tanakh and why? Our quest this week also takes us to Hebrews 9:22 and we ask ‘is there really no forgiveness without the shedding of blood?’

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  1. Daniel Cordner says

    Some months ago I was involved in a Facebook discussion about Salvation. The question was asked “Who did Jesus come for?” I gave a response that did not settle well with one of the contributors and they quoted Hebrews Ch. 9 concerning the shedding of blood for the forgiveness of sin in relation to “Jesus” and why my answer did not fit. I directed the participants to Yesha’yahu Ch. 6, as was mentioned in the presentation, and Daniel Ch. 9 to bring clarity to the discussion about forgiveness.

    Unfortunately many people hold on to the doctrine, that the Torah was done away with, quote Hebrews Ch. 9 to justify their position and beliefs not understanding the context of events and the importance the Tanach in clarifying ambiguities.

    Our God, Yehovah Tzva’ot, is Sovereign and acts according to His Righteousness and the Covenant he makes with mankind.

  2. Trent says

    Thanks Jono and Jason, This is very interesting indeed. There seems to be a trend with the NT writings being in contradiction with what the torah actually says.
    The study on Shem Tov hebrew Matthew found here also differs quite a bit from the NT Matthew. Most of the church people argue the law is fulfilled due to 5:17 but this is not the case in the STHM. It actually states:

    And from honors 3513 to Father Mine, your’s also in Heavens 8064. in time-always 6256 that He 1931 said 559 Yeshu 3442 to taught ones His 8527 not-never 408
    you to think-consider 2803 to cease to put away I 7673 for the fruit 6500 Torah-law 8451 never it 3808 to this take away-fail 7997.]

    A very interesting article and uses the Strongs numbering.

    The more i dig and listen the more disapointed i become in the NT. There seems to be an aweful lot of ambiguous translations that have allowed the non sherlock type christians to believe complete opposite of what is being said in Torah, actually even the sherlock type preachers are bamboozled and sticking fast to their doctrines.

    Your Hell, Hades and HaSatan teaching was an eye opener. Surley the Jesus being taught in the churches is “the other Jesus” ?
    Theres alot attributed to what jesus said which we know cant be correct.
    What advice should i ask? or how does one approach study now that there is growing evidence of deliberate? changes in the NT?
    Do some view this as sabotage?
    Can we gather enough information from the Tanach to reach our expected righteousness?
    I figure the STHM should also be included with study and supply of truth in regards to Yeshua, but do we minimise our association with NT teachings?
    Sorry for the 50 questions heh, just trying to come to grips with rejection of torah by main stream christians and it seems the NT is solely responsible.
    Thanks again Jono and Jason, always thought provoking!

  3. Lael M. says

    If there was a method for atonement of sins before Jesus then he was not the sacrifice for mankind’s sins but it does sound like he’s the savior of animals that no longer have to be sacrificed! So then what was his purpose?

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