Yoel ben Shlomo – Light of the Prophets – 1 Samuel 6:1-7:17

They made five golden rats and five golden…? In 1 Samuel 6:9 the Philistines consider the concept of “chance” but is there any such concept among the children of Israel? Did God strike 70 men or 50,000 men in 1 Samuel 6:19? What did the gesture of pouring out water before God convey? What is the significance of God thundering in 1 Samuel 7:10?

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  1. Anthony Cummings says

    “One of the major things [w/ philosophy] is that Torah is not a philosophy. It’s a theology. The moment we start involving our philosophy, the way we think, and our problematic human nature sometimes, into something we understand to be a theology, meaning: instead of man trying to figure out God, it’s basically God telling man what He actually wants and what He is thinking, we start going everywhere. And the problem is that our beliefs are essentually our philosophies, and this is why the prophets stood up many many times, and said : “Well, truly, what God really wants from you is etc….” quoting the Torah, and saying “This is the point the Torah was actually making..” and these were prophets. And I think the same thing has to be understood here. [Everything and everyone has opposing opinions] Essentially, what we really have to learn to do, and I’ve said this many many times, is that we really really have to focus on the mutual things and not on the small things that make us fight with one another, and a person who truly loves you, and really really cares about you, will not start attacking. What they will do is try to expalin it” -Yoel Halevi , Major in Philosophy/Biblical Hebrew Teacher

    I agree. This is why I’m on this journey or learning and ‘re-learning’ things. Thanks for being one of the major pieces in my life in this area.

    and thank you Jono for giving Yoel, and many others, the platform to share and bless so many of us.

    May Yehovah continue to bless and gaurd each of you guys for all you do in the genuine reverence and grace that is of His origin.

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