Rabbi Eli Cohen – The Three Axioms of Judaism

How does a Jew’s mindset and experience preclude them from accepting the New Testament gospel? In this hour Rabbi Eli Cohen asks New Testament believers to put 2 Corinthians 3:14-16 on the shelf while he explains the three axioms of the Jewish faith.

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  1. Darren Chan says

    Thank you for another informative program with Rabbi Cohen.

    Here’s one NT verse I rarely heard in the Christian church:

    John 4:22 You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews.

  2. P.K. says

    Chodesh Tov & Todah Rabbah!!!!! This Kislev and Channukah your message burns brighter in my Nefesh Elokheet than any Menorah’s flame. Your teachings are Epic.

  3. rocky jackson says

    Quick Question is Rabbi hopefully using the term JEW in a generalized reference in reguards to YHVH children?
    It is crystal clear in Scripture that YHVH revealed himself to the NATIONS way before judah existed, Adam, Noach, Abraham all gentiles …..
    Multiple Nations had already joined themselfs again WAY before the Mountain.

  4. ellen says

    please post that blogspot link….that rabbi cohen referred to both this week and last. thanks

  5. Anthony Cummings says

    Jono, thank you for this so much.

    Rabbi Eli, thank you for your time. You guys support one thing that I’m learning, and that is the character and commandments of YHVH will be proclaimed, and established before it’s all said and done.

    I openly confess that I have so far to go in learning things. I’m a student of Yoel, and he has helped a lot in teaching me Biblical Hebrew grammar, and sometimes when I bug him, he’ll share some meanings within the Hebrew Scriptures at times too. πŸ˜‰

    One thing I encourage both fo the Yeshua camp or Judaism camp, is this:

    Let’s please keep and guard the context of the Scriptures. The Scriptures of Yeshua, his disciple,s Paul, etc was the Torah in their day.

    So, guys let’s admonish one another to please continue to mature in the genuine fear [reverence] of God, as Solomon wrote in ‘Pro. 1:7’.

    I’m personally asking the Father to teach me more and more what it means to ‘fear’ and ‘love’ Him, as it is written in the following:

    β€œAnd now, Yisra’ĕl, what is Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ” your Elohim asking of you, but to fear Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ” your Elohim, to walk in all His ways and to love Him, and to serve Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ” your Elohim with all your heart and with all your being, to guard the commands of Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ” and His laws which I command you today for your good?” (Deut. 10:12-13)

    And how Yeshua said the same in ‘John 15:9-10’.

    So, thank you both for sharing. May our Father continue to prune and purge each of us, who ‘hunger and thirst for His righteousness’, for His glory.

  6. Kelvin (a.k.a. RECON) says

    WOW! Again another awesome, great teaching/explanation of what a Jew/Israelite believe and why, without an agenda/doctrine or manmade religions believes. Thank you Jono so much for continuing bringing Rabbi Eli and thank you Rabbi Eli Cohen for fulfilling Zachariah 8:23 prophesy! I am grabbing and holding on to your cloak! I have challenge my Christian believe (37 years of it) and since a year ago I started to come out of Babylon/Church and realize that the NT is not in accordance with the Instructions of YEHOVAH in the Scriptures (4,000 years and 40+ Prophets true teaching THE WORD of YEHOVAH)
    Continue to teach Rabbi and Jono continue to allow Rabbi Eli to teach us through this venue, please a beg you!
    I could not believe when I realized that in Isaiah 7:14 the Hebrew word is Alma and not Methula (or however you transliterate it) another prove that Christianity had an agenda when translating it as a “Virgin” I embrace Israel and their Elohim, the only God, YEHOVAH; Your God is my God and your people are my people, I accept the true and only covenant given in Mt. Horeb or Sinai! I love these teachings! Shema Yisrael, YHOVAH ELOHEINU: YEHOVAH ECHAD!

  7. Crystal says

    Kelvin, I wish I could “like” your status. It was the Verses from Deuteronomy 30; 11-14 that convinced me that Jesus was not the messiah we have been waiting for.

    11 Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach. 12 It is not up in heaven, so that you have to ask, β€œWho will ascend into heaven to get it and proclaim it to us so we may obey it?” 13 Nor is it beyond the sea, so that you have to ask, β€œWho will cross the sea to get it and proclaim it to us so we may obey it?” 14 No, the word is very near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart so you may obey it.

    Jesus is not needed to ” strengthen the Law”, or to walk it out for us, nor to be a sacrifice for us. I must confess though, i have not come out of the ” christian closet” yet.

  8. student of Torah says

    3 axioms? Ummm, is the word axiom in the Torah? Can anyone say man-made tradition? Who CARES about Judaism? Can we have a discussion about the true faith of YaHuWaH without ANY bias! It seems to me this show is going from traditions of the pope to traditions of Rashi?! I thought one of the goals of this show was to expose the lies of religions. Is this turning into a show about exalting Judaism-or, just slowly turning the Titanic towards a One world religion-free masonry kind of thing? Just wondering because I am a little confused about the goal and direction of this show. I’m hearing hypocrisy. Maybe it’s just so hard to find a teacher to put on the show that actually has no agenda, because so far, everyone has had an agenda. So if truth2u is supposed to bring truth, why are we discussing the 3 axioms of Judaism. Judaism is NOT mentioned in the Torah. It IS a man-made religion, no different than the rest. Babylon, confusion.

  9. Kelvin (a.k.a. RECON) says

    Good morning Crystal! I am confused with your comment towards me, I am not following please elaborate if you don’t mind and of course w/o hijacking the comments thread (like I did in Rabbi Eli’s first teaching lol)
    In regards to this “student of Torah” you sound so much to my Mother in Law πŸ™‚ I am sorry but the Rabbi is trying to explain to the Christians (I use to be one of them) how Jews (descendants of Judah or all Israelites, Jew is a general term) believe or have been brought up in their life whether they continue in Judaism, Orthodox, Karaite, Reform, Modern, or even secular! He is trying to explain how their culture/custom is, and if you really study the TORAH (which I don’t doubt you do :))you would find that what he explain about the 3 axioms is deeply rooted in the word of YEHOVAH, just because he uses human terms that they may or may not be used in Judaism teaching it doesn’t mean that those words or analogies are strictly Talmudic or so, for if it was then how come is in my English Webster? and I have heard those terms and analogies in my upbringing in the U.S. Marine Corps and Weapons/Tactics/Combative training, so no Rabbi is not teaching Talmudic/Man-made stuff, if they are use in Judaism/Talmudic it doesn’t mean it is Judaism what they are teaching in Truth2u.org, it happens to be in accordance with the TANACK, the minute that anybody start teaching Talmudic/rabbinical or charismatic Christian Evangelism and proclaim that it is a fact/truth and it is not in accordance with TANACK I guarantee you Jono would put an end to it as we all want to hear TANACK/Yehovah’s word/Thus says YEHOVAH and not “I feel” “I think” “I believe” made up teaching from Judaism or Christianity for that matter! Try to relax, pray and fast for Yehova to uncover your eyes to see the wondrous things of the Torah! May YEHOVAH bless you and guide you in your growing process!

  10. Kelvin (a.k.a. RECON) says

    Crystal, I think I get it “like” as in facebook stuff? I am sorry but I had no clue what you meant πŸ™‚ I don’t do facebook tweater or what have ya’ so I am ignorant as to those terms lmbo πŸ™‚ I feel out dated now! I am still in the “pagers” era! lol

  11. Ira Michaelson says

    Any true student would be open to understanding why a group of people would ignore or reject his own faith system that he believes to be truth.

    Everyone has an agenda! For instance you make a statement that you would like to have a discussion about the true faith of………..and then you use a name for God, like “axiom” which is not in the bible. Can you say “man nade tradition?” Is this not based on an agenda. I could show you how the use of this name is based on faulty scholarship and ignorance of linguistics, but you would probably maintain that agenda.

    It just amazes me how some would seek to silence any voice that does not line up with their verson of the truth. Sounds a lot like “religion” to me.

  12. rocky jackson says

    Why would any one want to SHELF what Rav Sha ul the TORAH observant Pharisee who wrote about the VEIL?
    As He Paul Didnt CONVERT to Christianity but leaves LEGALISTIC observations Takenot, other traditions Etc Etc. So to say one is offended at the statement well it has NO merit as again a PHARISEE wrote it.
    The Question perhaps to ask as Rav Sha ul wrote it in the 1st century it was TRUE then as still NOW so my question is who WEAVES the veil over the EYES of those outside TORAH who openly reject its TRUTH for their own Traditions / laws etc etc

    Thats the bigger question to me!

    Lets review facts in the Desert our brother Judah leads the CAMP on the way to the promised land yes the praiser of YAH get / Go first they will get to the land FIRST ….Hummm lets say around 1948 ….
    But guess what HE judah the FOURTH born of the SECOND wife is there but he HAS 11 Brothers COMING of who over time will get there. And those other brothers need to reconise the ROLE judah our brother has played in being an EXPOSED tribe and TARGETED but never forget that truth & the ultimate truth the rest of the family is still in Route.

  13. Pete says

    Student of Torah…I think you are mssing the point here. Since being a listener of this show for over 2.5 years, I can’t remember one time when this show promoted the traditions of any religion. When traditions are discussed it is always to provide context as to the understanding and interpretation of the text from a Christian, Messianic or Judaic perspective.

    What we should focus on is what the text is saying. Ultimately we are still responsible to discerne the information and be comfortable with our own understanding and interpretation based on what Scripture is saying. The opinions from Judaism, or any other perspective, merely provides another school of thought for consideration. Yes it is also man made, however, in my personal experience, I have learnt so much from Jewish thinking (not the traditions) that is more valuable than ever before. I don’t claim to be a part of any religion but I take from each to have a more personal relationship with our Creator.

    I think truth2u exposes the information that was either never given to us by mainstream religions and how these have incorrectly interpreted scripture to suit their own arguments.

  14. Karen says

    Thanks again Jono and Rabbi Cohen for another great program that has expanded my understanding of Judaism.

  15. Annelise says

    I saw that no one has posted the link in reply to Ellen’s request… it’s yourphariseefriend.wordpress.com/

    It’s a good blog, I’ve been following it for a while. It’s worth reading a lot of the posts before you can truly get a feel for what is being said, since each one addresses an individual thought as part of a larger picture.

  16. Dan and heidi says

    Hey “student of Torah”, do not confuse “One world religion-free masonry kind of thing” with the TRUE GODs commandments/observances. The NWO religion you speak of will be a COUNTERFIT of the real deal so that even the elect might b fooled. What Eli n Jono r sharing is not in line with the “one world religion” folks… Not even a little. It IS however in line with TORAH. Wich is why i listen and study with the rest of yall… We must b alert for people trying 2 co-opt Truth2u but this, aint that. B blessD! We must challenge our beliefs! Then we might begin 2 understand what we THINK we know

  17. Joe Davis says

    Thanks Rabbi Eli and Jono, I am really enjoying these teachings. Over the past year what I have learned more than anything is being respectful of other peoples faith. None of us can consider ourselves exclusionary. The things that the Rabbi was speaking of concerning those issues are very true. There is no time for theological dogma. We can rejoice over the things we agree on, as well as the things we do not. These differences are not at dual with each other,,but they compliment each other, I believe. Yehovah’s blessings to all

  18. Abner says


  19. Tara says

    I’d have to say… at first I was really worried about this speaker…
    Not because I didn’t believe that what he had to say would change my life.
    I knew it would…
    It wasn’t as scary as I first thought.
    I feel now I can answer people around me with the changes that have been happening in my life.
    What a wonderful speaker you have Jono!
    Please pray for me. The people around me are having a tough time with the changes going on in my faith. Hallelujah! Praise YHWH for waking me up.

  20. Jim Murray says

    Another great show! Thanks Jono!

  21. Evelin says

    In regard to the naming of the people as the jewish people as the one who were standing at the base of the mountain is not correct. It was the whole of Israel plus a multitude who joined themselves to ISRAEL. The Jews are only of one tribe of Israel. The multitudes were included. In my understanding that means everybody that believes is part of Israel not just the jews. In Romans Rabbi Shaul says that everybody who believes and lives according to TORAH is grafted into the pure olive tree = Israel. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  22. Baruch Cantor says

    Thought provocative for many, and a Bracha to listen to, Shalom and Toda Rabbi Eli and Jono.

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