Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Behar – Leviticus 25:1-26:2

After discovering our original recording for Behar was missing we quickly reassembled to discuss topics such as: How is one to observe the Sabbatical year and when is it anyway? Is the Jubilee year 49 or 50 years? We also proclaimed the “Lord of sabaoth” our Redeemer! (oh, and somewhere in there we mentioned Martin Luther.)

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  1. crystal says


  2. crystal says

    It was a Messianic Congregation that lead me to the Hebrew roots. it wasn’t something I found in any Christian church. But after leaving the congregation, I feel there is no other place for me to attend, for the Christian church is just milk mixed with chocolate, and even though I haven’t tried it yet i don’t think I would be excepted in a Jewish congregation either. So what is a person to do?

  3. Pieter says

    Crystal, you would be surprised how accepting a Jewish congregation will be and how much you will learn if you embrace the experience… We have been going to the local Synagogue every now and then. It is a different experience but it was an unbelievable feeling the first time our Father’s Torah was read from a Torah scroll!

    Nehemia, your excitement is infectious – may our ge’ullah (is that right?) be soon.

    Keith, your perspective on everything you guys discuss is a real blessing.

    Jono, well, what can I say my friend…YOU’RE AWESOME DUDE!! Can’t wait to catch up soon…

  4. Joseph F Dumond says

    Thank you all for the shout out.
    There is one Torah for the Israelite and one Torah for the Stranger. One Torah for everyone. So for this all the nations should be keeping the Sabbatical year.Any one who begins to keep the Torah is an ISraelite. One Torah!!

    2 Kings 19:29 tells you when the Sabbatical and Jubilee years were. 701 and 700 BC. And from that you can count forward and backwards. Then we have documented and historical years before 70 AD which coicide with the the counting by 7’s. This then proves that the count is 49 and not 50. The same as Pentecost or Shavuot. The 50th day is also the first day of the week. The 50th year is the first year in the next count.

    Amos 8:5 was a new one to me as to a Sabbatical year. Thanks Nehemiah. Good one.

    The Sabbatical year is just as important to keep as the Weekly Sabbath and the Holy Days. If you are not keeping the Sabbatical year then you are in sin. It is that simple. It can be learned.

  5. Francine says

    Before I first began to keep the Torah I would cry out to YHWH and ask HIm ” can you hear me? it is me Israel”. The first time I kept Shabbat the Haf Torah portion was Isa. 43 and I became so excited when I read this and knew without a doubt that He indeed heard me and know He is my redeemer, my kinsman redeemer. May Israel continue to wake from her slumber and cry out to her redeemer. I get so excited just like Nehemia and can’t understand how someone could not. This is The Good News for real. YHWH Bless you guys and Bess His Holy Name!

  6. Miri~ says

    Nehemiah- If you had any hair, it would be on fire! 🙂

  7. Darren Chan says

    Thanks for clarifying the emphasis upon the “Land”.

    Personally I’ve experienced tremendous pressure from many “believers” to the point of psychological torment in observing commandments which I now believe are out of context living outside of the Land in this current world.

    Without knowledge of the Hebrew language many of us are at a total loss of understanding Torah resulting in placing needless burdens upon people unworthy to bear.

    I appreciate this program to prepare us to live in Torah who desire to return to the Land in due season upon the coming Messiah of Yehovah.

    For now I pray for His mercy and His grace.

  8. Darren Chan says

    We cannot realistically know and observe everything until we go up to that Mountain when Yehovah will teach us His ways. If we did know and were able to keep Torah completely today there would be no need for Messiah to come.

    Mic 4:2 And many nations shall come, and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of YEHOVAH, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for the TORAH shall go forth of Zion, and the word of YEHOVAH from Jerusalem.

  9. J R Israel says

    Maybe it is my Native American side from my Father…but the land to us was a living being that also needed rest to refresh itself….so in America they use chemicals, and genetic modified seeds and big companies to inslave the land with no rest… maybe my
    Mothers side – which was Jewish- was onto something here…

  10. crystal says

    I am thinking about going to a Jewish Synagogue, Pieter. just a little nervous about it. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  11. ellen says

    when the original recording does show up(as it always does) I hope you will post it (sort of a bonus pearl).

  12. pedro quinones says

    Hi guys,

    keep up the wonderful work of studying the torah, I love the deep understanding of it. it has help me to return to seeing the english bible for what it is an Interpretation of the translator. and instead has helped me to go back to the original holy language of hebrew, the lip in which it was written.

    thank you jono for posting it so we all can benefit from it.

  13. Rose Mary King says

    I would appreciate some clarification. Nehemia stated that the annual sabbath ends on the first day of the first month. I had gotten the impression that the shmita year and the yovel started (and therefore ended – or is that ended and therefore started!) in Tishrei. Could someone please clarify this for me. How does the timing for the release of debts, release of slaves, and return to sold properties fit into all this? Thanks.

  14. Natalie Mitton says

    Now they are saying we should give the land back to the Indians in America, even though it has been 3-4 Jubilee years since they were driven out and there was no ownership of the land among the Native Americans.

  15. Natalie Mitton says

    It seems to me that every time the Lord says do this because “I am the Lord, YHWH.” He is teaching a lesson on faith. I don’t see anywhere in these teachings where He says we much follow his instructions in order to be saved. It seems the misunderstanding of this basic teaching on faith that is central to the Constintinian religion’s rejection of Torah as a punitive gospel.

  16. Ken Alder says

    In my last couple of comments I have mentioned Rosh Chodesh as a non work day, in doing so I was speaking of a non work for pay day. Rosh Chodesh is a non commerce day, i.e. no buying or selling. To say that Amos 8:5 is referring to a Sabbatical year rather than the weekly Sabbath is a stretch that on the surface seems to violate the Pashat level of the verse.

    As a Lunar Sabbath keeper I understand that Rosh Chodesh always follows the 4th Sabbath of the month. In that you end up with either 2 or 3 days of non commerce, no buying or selling and that is what the vendors were whining about in Amos 8:5.

    Lunar Sabbath keepers also see Amos 8:5 as a verse that proclaims Rosh Chodesh as a 3rd category of day. It is NEVER a weekly Sabbath and is NEVER one of the 6 weekly work days.

    I must say that I enjoyed Nehemia’s enthusiasm for the promises of YHWH to return His people to the promised land of Israel. May it be soon! Shalom shalom.

  17. Chrisso says

    66-67 AD is the Sabbatic and Jubilee Year… Josephus tells that he left Rome in 67… Year of Restoration… 16-17 AD was the prior sabbath Year and 17 AD was the 80th Jubilee… 17 AD is the true year of Crucifiction… This is only correct however, if you consider that time as we know it began at the births of Cain & Abel… God was grieved and said that He would not strive with Man forever but because of SIN, his years would be 120 or 120 Jubilees of years (6000 years)… Therefore at that birth, time began and ALL were 1 years old… The beginning of the Jubilees also started at year 1, being that God is the same from the beginning until the end… Another crucial thing is that there is no year “0” – I notice that NASA in their charts have a year “0” – This can be very confusing… Yehsua was born in 15 BC – Herod was dead in 3 BC – Making Yeshua 12… In 6 – 7 AD Yeshua was 20. 0n the 19th September, 15 AD Tiberius was celebrating his 15th Year and Yeshua was turning 30 within days… After Tiberius’s Celebration and the Feast of Tabernacles (at the same time) now completed, Yeshua spends 40 days in the Wilderness and then begins his ministry of 70 weeks on the Sabbath. His holy Ministry ends with his resurection at the end of the weekly Sabbath and beginning of “Firstfruits” in the year 17 AD… There is much more evidence for this but dificult and in obscure places… For example there was a great Earthquake in 17 AD – Sardis was virtually ruined…

  18. Tina says

    Wonderful blessing, this program!

  19. Joerg says

    When you enter the land ……
    A) It is not always new commandments that are given after the phrase
    B) Not all commandments given after the phrase has any relevance on land or property ownership (Pesach celebration and making the offer)
    C) More than half the commandments that contain the phrase had been given earlier without the phrase
    = Thus the conclusion must simply be that the commandments following this phrase could have wider application than simply when you live in the land of Israel.
    -> Turning the argument the other way, are all the commandments that require land ownership preceded with this phrase?
    No, some verses regarding planting, sowing and harvesting does not have any reference to this phrase

  20. Joerg says

    Jubilee – 49 or 50 years?
    If the creator is consistent as He states then the counting of the Omer should teach us something in regard to the Jubilee.
    Thus, I go with 49 years. Shalom

  21. Joerg says

    Sabbatical year?
    Agreed, we are not sure when it was, when it should be
    If 2King19 is the heavenly miraculous sign then we could all play prophets = “I tell you to jump through that loop and as proof that I am a heavenly messenger I am giving you the sign that the sun will rise in the east” (or anything else that happens anyway)

  22. Marie Stephie says

    Nehemia, what year do you think the Jubilee is? The Land of Israel is holding the Jubilee in fall if 2015. I appreciate your perspective on this. Thank you!

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