Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Torah Pearls – Passover

This episode is taken from the Torah Portion “Bo” and is edited down to focus on the Passover. It kicks in at Exodus 10:24 and continues through until Exodus 12:51. May you all have a blessed Passover, Chag sameach Pesach!

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  1. Rob Lotz says

    The more I study, pray and consider, the more YHWH’s word makes sense. And in turn, the way of the world makes less sense to me.

    The truth does in deed set us free.
    Shalom and thanks. May YHWH’s love thaw our hearts and minds.

  2. Laurie Jo says

    It is so refreshing to listen to the three of you, who are all on the same page with me. I totally agree pertaining to the curcumcision. I like to believe that even Abraham’s “heart” was circumcised before his flesh was, and I will go as far as to say, I know it was! Have a blessed Pasach Moed everyone.
    PS I hope I can sleep tonight, I have a goat who is due to kid any hour now and am looking forward to real milk soon!
    Tonight for a late supper I had home made bread with butter and raw honey, a huge glass of creamy milk kefir with cinnamon and nutmg, and a couple small glasses of grape juice kefir, better than any wine from the store. ( It will be nice when I have fresh milk again for the kefir.) For dessert I had some steamed seasoned baby red potatoes smothered in butter and fresh home-made guacamole and it isn’t even Passover yet! Nights like this remind me of how much our Creator loves us, and how blessed we are! It was a perfect day. Tonight the moon is bright, the stars are shining, the air is crisp and fresh, and all my animals are fed & tucked in for the night. Life is good!

  3. Ester says

    Keith, Rosh haShanah to you, Nehemia. Jono and everyone listening in to these informative, and fun midrashings!
    I do believe we ought to recognise this is the Scriptural New Year, as YHWH has commanded, by the new moon/chodesh; and then start the counting of days from then onwards…to the 10th day… and to the 14th day, and so on.
    And to the shabbat on the 7th day; not by the Roman-gregorian calendar, nor the fixed weekly shabbat days, but by the sighting of the new moons/months, as the American Indians say-“many moons ago…”! :-))
    Truth gathers, never divides but the light from the darkness.. Gen 1:14 -the lights in the firmament to be for signs, and for seasons/moedim, and for DAYS, and years.

  4. Pamela Sexton says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you from our little farm here in Shepherd, Texas. Can’t tell you enough how helpful & fun you three make our Sabbath study. My husband & I frequently pause the program to discuss things that the dialogue brings to our minds as you discuss the portions. Sometimes we laugh & many times we cry as The Word of God opens our eyes the the Truth. We so look forward to our Shabbat mornings studying in the midst of His beautiful creation all around us. We encourage everyone we meet who is interested in studying Torah to tune in & listen.

    Many blessings to you all.

  5. Sincerity Israel says

    It sounds to me like you believe that all males must be circumsized
    if they wish to be part of the salvation of Yeshua the messaiah. Is that true?

  6. Sincerity Israel says

    Is it true that all males that wish to be part of the salvation of Yeshua the Messaiah must be circumsized?

  7. sojourner says

    @sincerity – your question is to the presenters, but I hope you won’t mind if I share my understanding. For those of us not born into physical Israel (myself included), the example of Abraham avinu is self-evident and Ber/Gen 15-17 is foundational.
    First we read of the promises of the Almighty to Abraham: “do not be afraid … I am your shield … your reward is exceedingly great (15:1) … count the stars if you are able to … so are your seed (15:5)”.
    Then we are told Abram’s response (15:6): “he believed in YHWH, and He (i.e. YHWH) reckoned it to him for righteousness”.
    Next follows the Almighty’s instruction in 17:1: “I am El Shaddai – walk before Me and be tamiym (whole/ complete/ blameless/ perfect)”.
    The rest of ch17 describes the giving of circumcision as a sign of the covenant and Abraham’s emunah (faithfulness/ belief-obedience) being acted out.
    Finally (and apologies for the long-winded answer), in Ber/Gen 26:5 we are given a kind of tribute about Abraham’s life in the Almighty’s own words: “Abraham obeyed My voice and guarded my mishmeret (safeguards/ charge) – My mitsvot (commands/ directives), My chuqqot (inscriptions/ statutes), and My torot (instructions/ teachings)”.
    As I understand it, the long and short of it is this. Once you are in a relationship with the Almighty (i.e. your heart is circumcised, Deb/Deu 10:15-17), physical circumcision is simply the natural outflow of emunah in YHWH, and of obedience to His instructions. Not to mention that it is a requirement for participating in Pesach (She/Exo 12:47-49, as explained by Nehemia and Keith).

  8. Batyah says

    I understand the hebrew word chodesh literally means: month or renew. the word for moon is yireach.

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