What Should I Do With My Tithe? – Yoel Halevi


Then Jacob made a vow, saying, “If God will be with me, and keep me in this way that I am going, and give me bread to eat and clothing to put on, so that I come back to my father’s house in peace, then Yehovah shall be my God. And this stone which I have set as a pillar shall be God’s house, and of all that You give me I will surely give a tenth to You.” – Genesis 28:20-22

Hebrew In Israel

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  1. Lisa says

    Facinating…will have to listen to this again!!

  2. Christie Romero says

    Good lesson!

  3. rocky jackson says

    To me the tithe issue is one of the biggest myths in the hebrew roots movement.
    that is those that adamently teach against it not only promote covetness, but don’t understand the difference between (works of rightousness which they can/should do) & its command in which our father gives to do so!
    if we approach this from the standpoint of what’s said in malachi
    the way we would tell christians “look what the father says ” remember the torah of moses …..
    now that its MOVED from the tanach to the last book before the. “new covenant” he wants you to remember Torah, in addition to that FACT is he’s also wanting US to remember not to be THEIVES and support our local store house.
    have we stopped to consider that the Hevenly temple is still in operation! Have we considered that the patter of heaven its priest system is what WE are on EARTH should we NOT practice here for the future or simple covet the ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR!
    and make the excuse well there’s no temple on earth.

  4. Ed Nelson says

    Don’t Stop.

  5. Darren Chan says

    Thank you Jono for having these gracious Hebrew Torah teachers on your program with their Jewish perspective to clarify Scripture.

    Yoel, please do not give up on us “Messianic” people, we are in desperate need of your help. Keep the light in your knowledge of our Creator’s Torah shinning upon us!

  6. Rick Radavich says

    Yoel and Jono, keep up the great discussions. Here are some verses out of the book of Tobit, which is in the LXX and RSV.

    Tobit 1:4-8 4 Now when I was in my own country, in the land of Israel, while I was still a young man, the whole tribe of Naphtali my forefather deserted the house of Jerusalem. This was the place which had been chosen from among all the tribes of Israel, where all the tribes should sacrifice and where the temple of the dwelling of the Most High was consecrated and established for all generations for ever. 5 All the tribes that joined in apostasy used to sacrifice to the calf Baal, and so did the house of Naphtali my forefather. 6 But I alone went often to Jerusalem for the feasts, as it is ordained for all Israel by an everlasting decree. Taking the first fruits and the tithes of my produce and the first shearings, I would give these to the priests, the sons of Aaron, at the altar. 7 Of all my produce I would give a tenth to the sons of Levi who ministered at Jerusalem; a second tenth I would sell, and I would go and spend the proceeds each year at Jerusalem; 8 the third tenth I would give to those to whom it was my duty, as Deborah my father’s mother had commanded me, for I was left an orphan by my father.

    These verses show three separate tenths, and we know the third tenth is every three years.

  7. betz says

    The lies about tithing disgust me, thank you Yoel for saying what you said! I’m equally disgusted by the claim many Westernized Christians make that fasting gets you what you want or need. “You need a new car….fast for 40 days and you’ll get yourself a car.” Where is that in the Tanakh?

  8. Zehava says

    Thank you so much! this was an answered prayer for me. I know it is only the tip of the ice burg but it confirmed some things i’ve been praying about over the past months and has given me peace about saving money for the feasts and contributing to help a levite… now to find and confirm a levite… I’d love to have an actual Hebrew teacher but I know that Yoel is quite busy; so, I’ll keep praying for that and in time, as all good things do, it will come. Shalom v’todah brothers!-Z

  9. David says

    Many thanks to you Yoel for taking the time to share wisdom concerning such a hot topic. I for one think you were spot on.

  10. Vic R says

    Thank you so very much for this teaching ! Really looking
    forward to the two shows on Shabbat. Keep it up !

  11. hanok ben-isaak says

    Yoel, I think you’re a dangerous person to have around… which is why I hope you’ll keep engaging Truth2U listerners. Truth is dangerous.

  12. Yoel Ben Shlomo says

    I want to thank everyone here and that sent me emails, it is very encouraging. To Zehava: contact me, I have spaces.

  13. Sheryl says

    truthfully this was hard for me to follow in places but ..I have been blessed by giving money to teachers, ministries, widows and orphans and the poor and when I don’t I see the lack of blessing. Like you said Jono the blessing is not just money but the spiritual connects with the physical somehow and there’s such peace when you’re in the right place (obedience) with Yehovah!

  14. Donald E Booth says

    I am saddened by the comment by Yoel ben Shlomo that he
    found some comments offensive on Jono’s website. I rarely
    read the comments so I do not know exactly what was said that
    was the problem. Moreover this is my first time commenting.

    Even though I have come from a Christian background, I have
    always only wanted good for my Jewish brothers. While truth
    may offend, I never wanted my own attitude to be the cause of
    that offence. But I have sometimes in the past proclaimed as
    truth my misunderstandings, and for that I am sorry.

    Therefore I ask Yoel to understand sometimes (far to often)
    we will be mistaken, and say stupid things. But I for one want
    to hear your side and opinions. I also like to hear Nehemiah
    Gordon, because both of you test my understanding, and
    will stretch me toward the truth. And Above all I want truth.

    So Please Jono, keep up with the variety. I like the Torah
    Pearls series, but am glad you are now diversifying again.

  15. Yeshurun says

    Thanks Yoel for the teaching.

    Here is the original Hebrew text of Matthew 10:8, the words of Yeshua:
    “Heal the sick, restore life to the dead, cleanse the lepers, and cast demons from men. Do not take wages. Without cost you received, without cost you give.

  16. John Holsti says

    Shalom. I believe you are absolutely correct to be wary of some practices in a Dojo. I agree that bowing is a sign of respect. No problem. The traditional Korean bows are something different. If you have ever seen one, it is basically Kowtowing. This isn’t respect, its subservience.

    After having been involved in martial arts for several years and having been an instructor for a number of them (WTF Tae Kwon Do), I am quite wary of the meditation that goes on in many traditional Dojangs (Korean gymnasiums). If one voluntarily empty’s one self and gives up control, there is a good chance something will fill the void. I flirted with this before I started studying the Torah. There are some scary things out there.

  17. bill moshe says

    …Chaver Gordon, you’re very welcome on this show, shalom brother !!!

  18. Courtney says

    Yoel, I am so happy that you decided to come back on the program and am appreciative of the knowledge you share. This message on tithing is very much needed as many are being fleeced by “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. Thank you for taking the time and being willing to teach even those of us whose beliefs differ from yours. This program is a answer to prayer. I cannot wait for the next program on Shabbat.

  19. Darren Chan says

    Hey Jono and Yoel, we’re in critical need of the Shabbat teachings.

  20. Sandi Hayman says

    Thank you Yoel for being so patient with us as we learn more of the Truth of His Word. Even tho this appears to be a repeat I’m grateful that it’s been posted. As you, Jono, I came out of the Constantinian church. For 7 years I’ve been soaking up the new revelations brought forth in the Hebrew Roots movement. I have noticed some wolves, or tares, creeping in among the sheeple. This is to be expected wherever the truth is being taught.

    However, these teachings from Hebrew scholars have effectively balanced out what is the truth from conjecture. Knowing the proper meaning of the Hebrew words only opens up the true meanings of the Word. We need to know our foundation

    Keep up the good programming. I love it!

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