TRUTH2U – Nehemia Gordon – The Hebrew Yeshua Vs. the Greek Jesus

In the 2nd hour of this week’s TRUTH2U it was my pleasure and privilege to speak with Karaite Jew, Nehemia Gordon, about his book “The Hebrew Yeshua Vs. the Greek Jesus.” We spoke in depth about the Hebrew terms “takanot” and “ma’asim” and also how one is “let off the hook” before YHWH, so to speak, according to Ezekiel 18 & 33. I highly recommend not only this book but also his second, which he co-wrote with Keith Johnson, “A Prayer To Our Father.”

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  1. Ester says

    Very interesting fellowship, Jono, thank you! We learn so much a little here, a little there, with fantastic topics from you.
    Blessings to Nehemia for sharing his knowledge with us, appreciate it very much!
    Hope to have him back on more wonderful topics from you, Jono.

  2. BILL MOSHE says


  3. Irene says

    Hi Jono, I have been trying to log onto torah pearls since your upgrade of the web page and keep getting error #404….please help!!!!

  4. jono vandor says

    Thanks Irene, I’ll look into it today 😉

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