Vayishlach – Genesis 32:4-36:43

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  1. yahuhanan says

    This Teaching of Esau trying to Bite Jacob Has been perpetuated by Rico Cortes

  2. Elishayva says

    Love your teaching, just not enough time to listen every week. Do what I can.
    2 issues with what I heard today. I think no need to talk about other peoples beliefs in an arrogant, condescending manner. How about putting a thought on the table, saying this is what they believe and this where they get it from. Then… This is how I understand it and why. Gracious, and respectful.
    As for the man striking Jacob in the hip … What was all the giggling and double talk about? Why not tell us what Torah says. No need to be crude, just truthful. I heard such a factual, open, yet modest teaching once (on the servant promising Avraham to look for a wife for his son) the teacher admitted that he was a little uncomfortable to teach on it, but no acting like school boys.
    Would love to learn your thoughts on the limp. Could not really figure it out during the session.
    Anybody else think / feel like me about these things ?
    Not putting you guys down, just want you to give it some thought ….
    I do appreciate your Torah Pearls.
    Thanks and shalom!

  3. Elishayva says

    Ps ( do not know how to edit, and do not necessarily want this posted – basically for the 3 men only ).
    Of course some of the things Rabbis and Messimaniacs say are ridiculous and not even worth repeating, but is it helpful to handle it like i perceived you did, on an open, public forum! You do set an example, like it or not!

  4. Gavriel says

    As Yeshua says very clearly, “My mother and brother are those that Shima the Torah of Elohim and Asah it!”
    Remember everyone has a relationship direct with Aveenu Malkaynu and it is He that reveals to us individually as we progress, and not man.
    Toda – Shalom

  5. corey says

    Side note Rico and other are doing this but understand where they get it from reading the sources it seems to be Ba’al ha-Turim or Rabbi Yaakov ben Raash and was a very important Rabbi in the 1300’s. So remember when your teacher says sages there are many besides Rashi, Akiva, Rabbi Moshe Ben Nachman.
    And the funny thing one sage says he kissed insincerely, another he was in deep pain from missing his brother, etc..

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