Vayikra – Leviticus 1:1-5:26

Is there really no atonement without the shedding of blood? Is there a sacrifice for presumptuous sin, and if not, how then can one be forgiven?

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  1. Linda Wells says

    Thomas Nelson puts out a hard to find version of a NKJ with the Hebrew next to it. It’s called the Hebrew-English Bible. The Bible Society in Israel, PO Box 44, Jerusalem, 91000, Israel. I.A.D.B.W. and B.S.I. Jerusalem. Copyright 1982

  2. George says

    Pray-tell, how does this align with Numbers 15:30…
    Leviticus 6:2, 6 & 7 “When a person sins and acts unfaithfully against Yehovah, and deceives his companion in regard to a deposit or a security entrusted to him, or through robbery, or if he has extorted from his companion… 6 “…Then he shall bring to the priest his guilt offering to Yehovah, a ram without defect from the flock, according to your valuation, for a guilt offering, 7 and the priest shall make atonement for him before Yehovah, and he will be forgiven for any one of the things which he may have done to incur guilt.”

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