Vayetze – Genesis 28:10-32:2

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  1. Aaron Wynn says

    It seems to me that the House of God refers to the stone, which is mobile, and was dragged through the desert and referred to as the even stone. That is not to say that the location is not also being referred to, but, as Nehemia says, was one of multiple locations of importance. In my upbringing, I learned that the location of the ladder may have been the original location of Gan Eden.

  2. Peggy says

    I love the remark about WalMart having the “spirit of Laban”, lol

    Re: mandrakes – they were indeed associated with fertility, the roots looked like a human figure with arms and legs, thus earning the name.

    Shakespeare referred to mandrakes in a several of his plays, the one that comes to mind immediately is in Romeo & Juliet in the scene where Juliet is to drink the potion to make her appear as dead for 42 hours. She agonizes over drinking this potion alone in her room, and expresses the fear that if she awakens in the tomb alone she will go mad, “as one who hears the shrieking of the mandrake as it’s torn up from the earth.”

    That is another ancient belief, that when a mandrake is pulled up it will scream and cause everyone within listening distance to go insane.

    The writer of Harry Potter used mandrakes in one of her books. I don’t know which one, I didn’t make it very far into the series and dropped it due to lack of interest. But the movie showed the children being taught to pot mandrakes in their horticulture class. They were given earmuffs to muffle the sound, and when one of the kids took off or dropped his earmuffs, he heard the screaming and fainted.

    This looked like a pretty good website for information on mandrake:

  3. Robert says

    Moses had two wives. If it wrong for him, why does it say, “if a man have two wives” Deut. 25

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