The Issue of the Exclusion of Women & Shabbat in the Orthodox World

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* Both the intro & outro tracks are by Jono’s little sister, Kate Plummer, from her second album “The Leftover Sea“. The Truth2U theme song is entitled “Crosswoods” & the outro music is entitled “Minnesota Rain”. It is a beautiful instrumental CD from a very talented guitarist and is available from Truth2U

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  1. Jeremiah says

    Hey Jono
    Thank you for all your efforts in making these kinds of teaching available.
    I live in Alaska and although we don’t kindle a fire on Shabbat we need to keep it going
    because its sometimes -40 degrees. I don’t consider this breaking Sabbath. I also work at a prison
    7 days on 7 days off even if I took Shabbat off I would still be getting paid because of “leave time”.
    It has been suggested I quiet my job because I have to work on the Sabbath but someone has to be here
    and someone had to watch the guy that gathered wood too. What do you think.
    Be Blessed and Set Apart

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