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Hebrews To support Jason's videos visit Truth2U is the result of dedicated hours of production. It is a full time operation, completely funded by the donations of listeners who value the information. If you have been blessed by a program please share it with family and friends and prayerfully consider supporting Truth2U with a… *Please like, subscribe and share* Open your bible, grab a note pad and follow along with Jono from and Jason from Please do not approach this video as a 'teaching', it is a tool to help you study and gain a better understanding of the text. We are open to the… Jono, together with Jason Spiritualbabies from investigate as to whether an "order of Melchizedek" can be supported in the Hebrew text. [audio:|titles=Truth2U - Sir SpiritualBabies - Melchizedek Priesthood] Download this episode (right click and save)