Sukkot, Temporary Dwellings in the Eternal Land

Then Yehovah spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the children of Israel, saying: ‘The fifteenth day of this seventh month shall be the Feast of Sukkot for seven days to Yehovah. On the first day there shall be a holy convocation. You shall do no customary work on it. – Leviticus 23:33-35

Hebrew In Israel

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  1. Daniel Snyder says

    I am intrigued by your comments, Yoel, regarding people in the Hebrew Roots (and I would expect, by extension Messianic Judaism) movement seeking to participate in the Jewish community. However, I have to wonder what is the likelihood that anyone that professes Yeshua as Messiah, even when seeking to observe Torah, is going to be accepted by the Jewish community.

    Frankly, I say this at least in part, due to my observations of some of the other contributors to Truth2U, who appear to be devoting considerable energy into the “anti-missionary” point-of-view. I am also recalling Keith and Nehemia’s prior speculations on “One New Man” – is identifying with the Elohim of Abraham and His people Israel, and seeking to observe Torah sufficient?

    Also, regarding the possibility of suffering with such a community of faith, there seems to be plenty of notice in Apocalyptic writtings, both OT as far as I can recall, and NT (Revelations, for instance) that there is considerable suffering yet to be faced for those who are Believers.

  2. Miri says

    I never get tired of hearing all about everything, better than tv, Yoel & Jono!
    I had to watch USHPIZIN on youtube, couldn’t wait til yom rishon! It’s a great movie, I highly recommend it to enhance your sukkot experience!

  3. shirley (Zionsgirl7) Gibson says

    This is kinda off topic but Yoel said something @ 26:00 left that jumped out at me about the land. The call has been going out in the USA to do 2 Chronicles 7:14 but in my heart – it must, first and foremost, be done in the land of Israel by the people in the land. Also Keith’s “The Road for Reformation” 2 Kings 22 must also be done in the land of Israel. Rabbi Cahn must also be addressing his messages to those in the land of Israel. For all of us dispersed throughout the world, we are looking forward to that time when Yehovah will be gathering us back into the land of Israel that we were exiled from. Let us remember why we were ALL exiled from the land. Judah – you have been brought back to the land first– we are coming soon. SO Why can’t those, who are physically in the land at this time, be getting the land ready for the exiles to come home? Why can’t we show Yehovah we are seriously getting ready for His return to the land and to His people – Israel? While the world around us looks to each other for solutions – we have, in the Torah and the Prophets, our instructions for Yehovah’s solutions. Those of us who are dispersed, humbly admit we know nothing of Yehovah’s truth because it has become so twisted and distorted but we are so hungry to learn and live it out. Yehovah has placed a hunger and desire deep inside of His people that draws us back to Him, to His messiah, to His torah and his prophets, to the land promised us and to the people in the land. He is making us echad. But Why must He do this alone? Why can’t we get together – right where we are – and show Him how much we desire the fulfillment of His promises to return ALL of His people to the land? That starts first in our hearts, does it not? Do we not first have to realize that we have ALL – (both houses Judah and Israel) sinned against His torah and be willing to repent and begin anew? Let’s get our hearts right with Yehovah so our actions will soon follow. Then He will come to gather us back into a land prepared and ready to receive HIS PRESENCE yet again and His chosen Messiah will rule and reign in the land. May Yehovah give His people eyes that see, ears that hear and hearts that hunger to understand and obey.

    My name is unimportant but the message will speak for itself.

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