Korach – Numbers 16:1-18:32

In the rebellion against Moses & Aaron, did Korah, Dathan and Abiram establish a rival tabernacle? Who are the “men of renown”? Were Korah’s sons also among those swallowed by the earth? What is the significance of the censer for burning incense?

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  1. Linda Wells says

    Great job, wonderful nuggets! Todah to all of you!
    And I’m with you Keith – do not drink coffee, horrible taste and messes up my gut.

  2. cynthia stephens says

    hi Linda. Is that you? I love listening to Truth2U.

  3. Sharon Fahey says

    This portion was even better this time around! I love Yahovah so much!!! This portion cleared up a few things that when in the church I just didn’t or couldn’t connect to the scriptures, this portion proved they don’t, lol. So thankful for being set free through Torah, Yahovah’s faithful and true!! Thank you

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