Joshua 1:1-5:15

Yoel and I have begun recording a new series entitled Light of the Prophets! As we begin in the Book of Joshua we ask, who is the prophet likened unto Moses in Deuteronomy 18:15? Was Rahab really a prostitute? What is the significance and symbolism of the scarlet cord? Where are the memorial stones of the Jordan River crossing? Did the Israelites circumcise their sons and observe Passover in the desert? Why was Joshua instructed to remove a sandal from his foot before the commander of the armies of the Lord?

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  1. SeraYah says

    I just want to bless Nehemia for the wealth of knowledge he shared on Torah Pearls. I also want to bless Keith for giving us the “ex-Christian” perspective along with that!

    Thank you, Jono, for continuing with Joshua. I have been reading Deuteronomy slower and slower – and listening slower and slower to the podcasts of Devarim, not wanting it to be the end. And then I saw that you have continued with Joshua. Bless you for that too!

    Please may Keith and Nehemia join in the discussion (if they are not already – I have not started listening yet) and please continue systematically through the Tanakh?

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