Hell, Hades & HaSatan

Is there an evil entity in the world who is an adversary to God? What is Sheol? How much does the Scriptures tell us about the underworld or an afterlife?

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  1. Susan Loats says

    If I understand you correctly, and nothing can be done unless YeHoVaH gives permission for the adversary to do so, then is it safe to say that the Father gave the adversary permission to test Adam and Eve in the garden?

    If we were created perfect in His image and likeness, then how is it that we would need to be tested?

    Is this all a part of some larger plan by the Father?

    I know that these questions must seem odd, I find myself questioning my faith more and more everyday. Please is someone could help me understand.


  2. jono vandor says

    G’day Susan, thank you for your excellent question. It is important to note that Genesis does not say that “the adversary” tested Adam and Eve. Yet this is not an uncommon assertion because it is essential to Christian theology to impose “Satan” into the text.

    What the text actually says in Genesis 3:1 is, “Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that Yehovah, God had made…” So what we know is that it was a serpent, whom Yehovah had made (and saw that it was good in Gen 1:25). Moreover we know that Yehovah made the serpent to be “crafty” and that it was behaving according to it’s nature.

  3. Wendy Banuelos says

    G’day Jono & shalom Yoel! I did enjoy the food for thought very much.

    Question: in Daniel 10, who is the angel fighting against? Who is the king of Persia? Christianity teaches these are the principalities we fight against as stated in Ephesians, and that they belong to the kingdom of darkness. But this does not align in regards to there being no adversary against Yehovah. So who are the angels fighting against?

  4. Bill and Dora says

    Shalom Jono and Yoel.. Thank you for this awesome discussion on Ha-Satan and Hell. We are seekers of the Word and are open to the TRUTH of the Word of God. Just checking everything that we have learn’t and unlearning everything that doesn’t line up with the Word of YHWH. We have done this study on Ha-Satan and everything mentioned in this discussion lines up. Todah rabah.

  5. Mary says

    Bill and Dora, me too. Everything comes with a ? Mark these days.

  6. Andrea Eatherton says

    No heaven or hell? What about Revelations which talks about a new heaven and a new earth and the lake of fire?

  7. HeruRaHapi says

    Shalom. Unfortunately the most Holy Name of God, YHVH, was never pronounced YeHoVaH. In fact, this name was lost in translation since the destruction of the Temple. Theory suggests that it is indeed pronounced as YaHu in the beggining, and not much more is known than that. Adonai.

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