Ha’Azinu – Deuteronomy 32:1-32:52

After loosing the greatest Torah Pearls episode of all time into the vortex of cyberspace (except for the scratchy first 10 minutes), Nehemia, Keith & Jono regroup to record a tribute episode for the listeners about the Song of Moses!

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  1. Gavriel says

    Shabbat Shalom, thank you for Torah Pearls today. I hear you talking about some of the issues surrounding predominantly christians accepting Nehemiah due to his supposed lack of faith / Jewishness.
    I find this absolutely fascinating that those who believe that some fictional blue eyed blonde haired gentile called jesus whom just happened to be born a Jew in a Hebrew family, whom taught Torah to his talmidim, whom came only for the lost sheep of the tribes of Israel but, these christians believe Him to be the very opposite to what Scripture quite clearly depicts Yeshua to be, is indicative of a man made religion that christianity is. If we look at the dead sea scrolls we see that the early believers in Yeshua and the Torah whom were called Nazarenes and both Rabbinic Judaism and the early Roman Greco christian religion considered them heretics. Considering that Yeshua upheld all His fathers teachings and did not add too or diminish from, He fulfills His role as Messiah the suffering servant but His second coming is to cleanse this world of what? Anomia, iniquity, lawlessness = Torah-lessness. if they only understood that the engine of the faith they claim to uphold is in the front of the book not the end. New Testament including Brit Chadashah are erroneous names made up to appease early christians and messianics. The only Scripture we have that is ordained by YHWH is the Tanakh of which the 5-books of Moses are the Oracles given at HaSinai. The Ketuvim Netzarim is in my mind a record of Yeshua’s ministry and nothing else. Yeshua always referred to the Ketuvim Netzarim when reading Scripture because that is the only Scripture available as we all know. Yereyahu 31 tells us what the Brit Chadashah is, and it is not the replacement theology of the Western churchianity. Anyway ignorance is not an excuse and the english bible these people read from was originally in a Semitic tongue long before it ever went to Latin or Greek. Sorry for such a long story….Shalom u’vrakhot Gav

  2. Gavriel says

    BTW the sentence above should read that Yeshua when quoted in the Ketuvim Netzarim always quoted / read from the Tanakh as they were the only Scriptures available as we all know.
    Thanks again

  3. judi Bryan says

    I just want to thank all of you for making these teachings/programs available to us who have no other source. Please keep doing this. May Yehovah continue to bless all of you.
    I have diligently studied the Scriptures for 35 yrs.- now I am Learning the TRUTH.

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