Emor – Leviticus 21:1-24:23

In this episode we discuss the standards and conduct of the Priests and acceptable offerings, as well as the appointed times of Yehovah and the issue of the Lunar Sabbath. Lastly, we address the stoning of the blasphemer!

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  1. Ester says

    Hi Jono, SO glad this program is repeated.Thank you too for the ‘shout’! :- )

    Hi Nehemia, how are you? 1st question to you-
    Why is it “ridiculous” that Shabbat is based on the moon:-
    Shabbat is a perpetual cycle from the beginning of creation-AGREE, exactly!
    Gen 1:14 Let the lights in the firmament be as SIGNS, and for SEASONS, and for DAYS, and for YEARS. (Emphasis mine)
    I thought these words are pretty straight forward to the reader to be understood, yet somehow, as Keith in his Time series has been pointing out, some, thankfully, and not all, believers miss out YHWH’s clock set in the heavenlies all these while.
    (Good job, Keith, on your Time series, I am a big fan, and love your excitement on the series!)

    2nd question, Nehemia-
    Does not the New Moon start the New Month? Exo 12:1, 18; Lev 23:5
    Then HOW do you and others count the days after the start of the New Month?
    Back to a man-made calendar, set Shabbat day? That is “ridiculous”, I would say.

    New Moon day is a shofar blowing day, set apart from the week.. Being an expert on Scriptures, (I appreciate that so much, even though you have a fast computer and a fast mind) , you would know the various many verses in the Tanakh. 🙂

    3rdly, Nehemia (love that name too)-
    Counting the Omer from 7 complete Shabbats to the morrow after the 7th shabbat, shall you number 50 days, is really simple as well. We have been doing these for years.

    Below is quote from a digital community brother at a website:-

    Tom Robbins says:
    March 27, 2013 at 6:50 am

    The dating of Pesach, and all the other moedim (Holy Days) and other days and months is not complicated, as long as one follows the Creator’s calendar, and NOT the pagan calendars hanging on the wall. The Scriptures plainly tell us (Gen 1:14) that YHVH gave us the heavenly bodies to determine days, weeks, months and years. All we have to do is look up.
    The biblical year begins at the first new moon after the vernal equinox. This is day one of the first month (Aviv) of the new year (Gen. 12:2). A biblitcal month is from one new moon to the next new moon, an average of approximately 29 1/2 days. The 14th day of Aviv is Passover, and the next day (15th) is the first day of Unleavened Bread.
    So we simply count the days, and the months as they occur, looking for the first sliver of the “new moon” each cycle, and observe the Feasts at their proper months and days. The year will reset itself automatically again at the next vernal equinox, the “seasons” do not drift around in the year as some think. Yes, there will be an added month periodically (about 3 times every 19 years), but so what. Don’t get bent out of shape if this doesn’t line up with your beloved Gregorian calendar on the wall, concocted by Julius Caesar with the advice and calculations of Egyptian astronomers in about 46BC.
    So, if the year, months, and days are determined by the heavenly bodies (the sun, moon, and position of the constellations), then why wouldn’t the week be determined by the same criterion? Forget the Sunday thru Saturday system and start thinking of simply counting days from the new moon. Work 6 days, then rest on the 7th, work 6 days, then rest on the 7th (Exo. 20:8-1). Counting the new moon as day one, that would make the Sabbath fall on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th days of the lunar cycle, ALWAYS. And it simply resets at the next new moon. And a careful examination of the Scriptures will show you that YHVH’s holy days, Feast Days, ALWAYS falls on one of these days, except for the Day of Atonement. At least 72 times in the Scriptures it is shown that the Sabbath falls on one of these days, and NO OTHER, EVER! Never is the pagan name of a day mentioned, such as Saturday, or Sunday, but only “the first day of the shavuah (week)”, or “on the Sabbath”. Ever wonder why???
    We need to abandon the notion that YHVH has a double standard for timekeeping and shred the entire pagan calendar system that the world so closely follows. Surely haSatan has deceived the whole world in this matter.

    Blessings to the trio! Thank you, Nehemia for being on Torah Pearls, you’re a blessing!

  2. Devorah Levine says

    so would this also mean that it is against torah to dehorn the bulls or goats? or is the reference in the torah only referring to the castration?

  3. Faith Book says

    I didn’t understand or even know anything about “lunar sabbatarians”…I just know Genesis 1:16-19….and understand Gen1:31- 2:3 to mean that Shabbat starts on the Friday evening and ends after the day on Saturday….and that it is the only day of the week that was blessed and sanctified by it’s creator. No individual or institution can change the Sabbath….none are greater than the earth’s creator!

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