Bereshit – Genesis 1:1-6:8

What is the annual Torah Portion and how did it begin? What period of time is between verse one and verse two? How are we to understand that the Spirit “hovered” over the waters? What is the secret meaning behind the “aleph-tav” pronounced “et” and what is it’s grammatical function? If God created everything good then what’s with the serpent?

Corresponding Prophets Portion: Isaiah 42:1-43:11

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  1. Frankie Torres says

    just awesome, keep up the good work.

  2. Mary says

    Second time around with all the Torah pearls-Thank you all.

    ESP. Keith, as this is difficult to swallow the FACT that for several years ( including Bible college and full-time mission work) what I was taught and what was explained, when ?’s came up, was flat out lies (whether they were passed down or not).

    This was also my fault, because as you 3 put it-I didn’t look for myself, whatever Strongs said was good enough. So blame goes to me-moving on I finally feel like between the 3 of you-I’m getting a balanced and more important-a True representation of the Word and His message behind it.

    So thank you and may each of you be blessed. Enjoy meeting face to face and have an awesome time in Israel–so wish I could go with you guys, maybe next year. And, Keith, thank you for caring about those of us who have to re-learn and discard previous beliefs.

  3. Janet says

    Thank you! I am learning so much. I have read two of Nehemia’s books, and am planning on getting the one with Keith. You guys are doing something absolutely wonderful.

  4. Carla says

    Love you guys and love to hear your perspective on these topics! Keep the teachings coming:)

  5. Nicholas Cox says

    I am going through reading and studying Torah again. Always finding a new , deeper understanding every go! I truly believe all three of you are blessed by YeHoVaH and you certainly bless and further me in my walk with our Heavenly Father by my understanding his words better! Shalom

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