Beha’alotcha – Numbers 8:1-12:16

Where are the teaching priests today? Move with the cloud – what was the purpose of the trumpets? Quail and “the graves of lust” – was the mixed multitude framed? Why did Miriam, and not Aaron, suffer the consequences of speaking against Moses? Also, listen to Nehemia as he highlights God’s grace during the 2nd month Passover of Hezekiah in 2 Chronicles 30!

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  1. Linda Wells says

    Help me find the “prayer” in verses/chapter 14 somewhere??? You were in 2Chron 30 and Nehemia gets all excited and mummbles 14, Jono is all excited and wants to read it and I have no idea where it is. When you all get excited and talk at the same time, we can’t hear where the verses are. Please help me find the prayer that had to do with healing when you jumped from 2Chron 30. Todah!

  2. Deborah says

    Can anyone tell me why the Israelites couldn’t eat the livestock that left with them from Egypt?

  3. Elena says

    You guys together are so funny! For what concerns me, you (jono), keith and nehemia can start the torah reading all over again (or maybe do the psalms, why not?)!
    In the meanwhile you all have learned more and went through more. It will be again good.

    The unique factor of these broadcasts is the (healthy) humor. While reading the Bible and learning, one also gets the daily portion of healthy smiles and laughs. Moreover there have been 2x prayers in this broadcast, of which one for healing. What more can someone wish from a simple Torah portion??

    Please, please you 3 get back together on ‘any’ piece of scripture!

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