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118 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Shalom Jono:
    The other day I heard your guest and can’t remmber who is was, but they said that the Book of James is actually the Book of Jacob. All because King James wanted a book name after him! Go figure since those guys back in those days did a terriable jobs of messing Yahweh Word. Anyway does that guest have the referance for that statement and where to find? Enjoy your program greatly. When I am back on my feet again with work, I will bless your work for the Kingdom.

  2. Shalom Jono,

    I love listening to your program. I particularly enjoy the variety of guests that you have. They each have a piece of the puzzle and you are so gracious to let each one of them express what YHWH has given to them. I was wondering if you have ever listened or read anything Eliyahu ben David has been given. His website is and I believe he is on Solace Radio also. He has some interesting things to say about the Book of Revelation as related to the prophets in the Tanach. Just thought I would throw that out there. Folks might be interested to hear what he has to say. Keep up the good work. YHWH bless you and your family.

  3. Alright then, never mind going to the top messianic teacher’s web sites to see if what I say has any validity whatsoever. You dismiss me personally. You believe I have no other intention by making the comment than to grind my axe? You dismiss the gift the Holy Spirit has given me to perceive problems in the Church?

    I would like to give one word of advice to everyone who reads blogs and email. I learned this when I worked for a Global Corporation which provided in-depth training on communications for our Management Teams.

    Don’t look for tone in email/blogging because it is well proven that it is impossible to convey an accurate tone in email or short writing. Some are better than others at conveying an accurate tone but even the best are not heard accurately or equally by all readers.

    As for me, I have a mild form of Autism that makes it difficult for me to perceive what tone people will choose to hear me from. I think, write and speak in mathematical toneless statements, however; my information is quite accurate even if it hurts the ear.

    Understand this……..If I did not love YHVH and the Church, I would not write or point out problems I perceive by the Holy Spirit.

    Grace is of God not of man, so to call Gods grace cheap and greasy is insulting to YHVH. Who are you to judge another mans servant when that servant offers Gods Grace to those he is sent to? Did you have to pay a penny for the grace extended to you? Did I? Did any of us?

    The Church has no grace from itself to offer. The church can only testify of the grace that has been given to us. That grace was not cheap but paid for in blood by my Lord. It might be a little greasy though because it is definitely covered in oil! 

    I love you my friends, read my comments as though I do love you and forgive me for my mathematical mind and tone.


  4. After 15 years of study in Scripture, working on dietary laws for many years, this is year one of learning Torah from the doctrines of man. I found your site about a month again along with Nehemia Gordon, WOW! And THANK YOU!!!! I am adding to my small libray recommends from Brad Scott, do you have any advice or direction as our household comes into obedience. Thank you again, Shalom

  5. Shalom Jono
    I believe the Pesach ceremony (or parts thereof)is still valid. My wife and I have been “led” for the last 2 1/2 months into the whys it is still needed. Her vision…….she said “As for me and my family, we will have our bags packed for Pesach”. At the same time I was led into Gen,45:6-28 and 46:1-7, Rev.37-13, Ex. 12:1-14, especially 11 and 14, Gen. 18:23-33 and 19:1-22. When I was pondering where would be “safe” in these coming “events”, I was given two words……another dimension…….reread Rev.3:7&8. Andrew Roth states in his AENT, pages 908, and 934 that Yahovah, in His scriptures, speaks of using different dimensions. Two nights ago I was shown that we will, while (Gen.12:11) waiting, a door will open(Rev.3:8) and we MUST be ready to walk through it. This NOT the rapture. This is being kept “from the hour of temptation” (Rev.3:10). This is being called to Egypt ( a safe place) as Ya’akov was.
    May Yahovah Keep and Bless You
    Yitz’ach (Ivan) Lohn
    Michigan, USA

  6. Jono,
    I enjoyed your recent interview with Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson. They were asking why they are together and it occurred to me that two-by-two is the rule, not the exception, see Mark 6:7 “Calling the Twelve to him, he sent them out two by two…”

  7. So beatiffull image of the two Abrahans mules climbing the mountain. Losted of the herd? Come Back, my mules, come back to the herd, don`t stay alone in the mountain. All the mules are steriles.


  8. Jono,

    The file that used to play your testimony on Hebrew Radio no longer works. Is there another place your testimony can be heard?


  9. Hi Jono,

    I’ve been enjoying your programs with Brad Scott (up here in Canada). I came across your chat with a fella named Baruch Ben Daniel, talking about the Aramaic etc. I was quite surprised that you hadn’t heard more about the Peshitta. My wife and I have come out of the charismatic Churchianity of the west (we were literally called out through a series of encounters with Yahweh– dreams, open visions etc…) and he took us on a literal journey where we got a hold of the Aramaic Original Texts. The scholarship of the real Aramaic primacy is simply unmatched in its sincerity to uphold the Torah realities of Yeshua as a “jewish” Torah observant messiah. The reality of the Aramaic being original is without a doubt, proven again and again… especially though, not by the “props” and applause of man, but by the inner confirmations in the text itself that proves that it was written by the same Elohim that wrote the Tanakh. (not a Je-Zeus, replica.) As Yeshua said, the Father, and the word that He speaks are the witnesses.

    I could go on and on and on with inner proofs about the authenticity and weight of the Peshitta against any and all Greek texts, but that can be served better, perhaps another way, other than a post on your site!

    All that to say, my family, who was once as charismatic as you can get, now honors the Shabbat, knows the real name of our Elohim, observes His directions and appointed times, and are simply having a great time in Yeshua and the REAL Kingdom of our Father (the Strength of the Family) and can surely say that there are 2 trees that people are eating from on the earth. One is the Tree of Life, that produces life after it’s kind. The other is the tree of Knowledge of good and evil, whose plethora of religions (Christianity not excluded) is producing its fruit as well, and keeping people trapped in dead forms and lifeless exercises.

    Anyways, I have collected a few of the resources I have found online for Aramaic Scholarship seeking. They are listed in the website above. Many blessings as you continue into the Alef Tav.


  10. I was browsing Internet in search of the identity of the tribes of Israel, and I came across your talk back radio. So I have been listening to it for almost three hours. I will probably listen to it often from now on.

  11. Shalom Brother Vandor! I am contacting you to find out if there are any issues with your stream to the US. I havent been able to connect with your stream in several days. Also I havent been able to connect with your partner station Solace in several days either. They have information about the issue posted on their page. I was wondering are you having the same issue as I can stream any other site I normaly listen to. Have you had any other emails or calls about connection issues from the US?

  12. Hi,Jono,

    Greetings from Oklahoma! I have just been listening to the April 15, 2011, program with Preston McNutt & Hanok ben Isaak about silver for money. My husband and I are nearing retirement age, and just last year did we hear the similar teaching by Norm Franz on this subject. What an eye-opener!

    On your program of April 15, one idea that really made sense to me is that the people who have always considered themselves to be the only ones ‘entitled’ to deal in gold and silver wil not be happy about the rest of the world using these things. It is a parallel issue to the idea the the Scriptures would be printed in the language of common men.

    Love your show! Thanks!

  13. Hello, Jono. I have very few sites on my bookmarks. Yours is one. Lately, since the move actually, I am finding little new material, especially regarding current topics. Are you on summer sabatical? Or just having difficulty. I find your approach to interviews very helpful and hope you will still be able to keep up the good work.

  14. Hi Jono
    Love your interviews with all your guests, especially the local ministers they were dancing around so much they should have been on Australia’s Got Talent.

    Have you listened to Eric Bissell he is doing a lecture series on the paleo hebrew letters of the alef bet, he calls it Erictology.

    Have you ever heard of peppermint oil to keep mice away, this came from an online chemist in QLD.

    Blessing in Messiah

  15. Jono,
    I listened to Jeff Gilbert last week for the Torah reading and he made a comment about Hell. He said the Baptists still believe in a literal Hell and that there is a lot of studying that should be done on the subject. Something to that effect! I was a Baptist for 50 years and he was one too! I would love for you to interview Jeff in regards to Hell and his information!
    I do love your interviews, they are very interesting and I learn from them!
    Thank you,

  16. Shalom Jono!
    I listen to your program often. Today I heard your interview with Mark Pitrone and I just want to tell you how much it touched me. I had recieved an email requesting prayer for this man at the time of the accident. To hear how YHWH healed and cared for this man, was such an encouragement to me! I had been overwhelmed lately at all the crazy things going on in the world, and this reminded me who is really in charge. Thank you for all you do, it is such a blessing to be able to learn from not only you, but all the folks you have on your show. I am one who is not able to enjoy a assembly of fellow believers as there is only one other couple of like minded believers in my area. Your show helps me to feel connected with my brothers and sisters. May YHWH bless you. Thanks again,

  17. Hey Jono, it was late one night and I was half asleep but I remember you had a guest on that was talking about Alvin Walker, the pastor who went Torah and lost many in his congregation? But I can’t find that in your archives. Did I imagine that? Send me the link please, I’d love to listen to that again!

  18. Hi Jono,

    I received the “Declare the Heavens” CD. It it wonderful. I would like to let Andrew know how much I love every song on the album. It is hard to choose a favourite. If I had to choose one though it would be “Hallelujah”.

    I was wondering if there was some way for him to sell his CD’s in Canada. With shipping, it cost me $35 for the CD. To me it is worth it but many would not pay that for a CD.

    Please let me know if you have an ideas.

  19. Shalom,
    I have a very simple question….why many Christian turn away from JESUS to embrace other religion such as islam?

  20. I so desperately miss the radio program. I do pray the problem is quickly resolved. I check everyday to see if it is back up and working. Jono, this program is uniquely important and very much needed.

  21. I “googled”, wondering if there were followers of Torah in Australia (wasn’t sure there were any, sorry) and soon found Truth2U Radio. I am so enjoying the downloads!! Andrew Hodkinson’s CD is great – thanks for sending it. Jono, you are opening my eyes to find what was lost in my protestant church upbringing. May you be greatly blessed, and the guests you interview be encouraged!

  22. Shalom Jono,
    On a program with Hanok ben Isaak on August 1, 2010, (Two Keys to Shabbat) you told us of your experience of beginning a Bible Study in a library.
    You stated that weeks or months later you would let us know how that went. Perhaps you did and I missed it. However, would you please let us know if that was successful or did YHVH close that door?
    Thanks brother.

  23. Jono, when will Nehemia and Keith, the dynamic duo going to be on in September? Can’t find a future schedule. Looking forward to hearing when Nehemia’s next book will be out as well…on the Aaronic Blessing?


  24. Sir, I found your radio show on my smartphone application which plays the MRN stations. I enjoy it, but I would like to know when the show is played live. Also, you don’t seem to pronounce your name very clearly or very often. I got your first name fairly quickly because others called you by your first name, but I couldn’t make out the last name very well (is it Vanda, Vander, Vaner, Vandeh, Meander, etc?). Eventually I figured it out, and was able to find you on your website. Please start saying your name more clearly and slowly so we can figure it out.


    Dane Kappler
    Duncan, Oklahoma, USA

  25. Hi Jono,

    I hope all is well with you and the family.

    Torah Pearls have been interesting though I am missing hearing your other guests.

    From Canada

  26. Hey Jono

    I enjoy your programs with Keith and Nehemia very much…..also miss other guests such as Joe Dumond, Brad Scott and Mark Pitrone
    Do you know if you are going to be able to get any more of Andrew Hodgkins “The Heavens Declare” CD’s? I have not been able to find it anywhere else except Michael Rood’s site and it is out of stock there too. Or does Andrew have a web site where I can order it?
    May the Creator bless you and your family.

  27. Aaron, what I meant by saying that is that I love their cafe in Katoomba, Blue Mountains. It’s nice to be able to go out for a meal knowing that they only serve clean food. Having said that… there’s no way I’d ever join their cult 😉

  28. Just want to thank you for this show. It has been such a blessing to me. I would just like to know when I can catch it live as I’m in South Africa and I know we have a pretty hefty time difference.

    I pray that Hashem will continue to bless you and provide for you and this show.

    Take care, Kerryn

  29. I really enjoy the Pearls from Torah weekly Parashas. Nehemia and Keith bring so much information and insight. I’ve been Torah observant for 5-6 years now and found out about your program from Brad Scott. I look forward to the next one. Be Blessed.

  30. Todah Rabah.
    Thank you for convincing the jewish brother to come back on the show and talk about Torah, tithes, etc. It is so important to follow all the instructions about tithing from Torah. YMM has just pioneered our First Tri-Annual 3rd Year Tithe Project; when we will distribute all Tithes/Offering for 2011 to the Widows, Orphans & Fatherless!!! We are so excited about the TRUE Blessings of Yah…Understanding the original instructions in Torah. Keep up the great Kingdom Work!!! Shalom from Yeshua Millennium Ministries :)
    Shepherdess LNM

  31. Gentlemen, For the Torah Pearls – would you consider switching to the triennial Torah schedule? It has given us a lot more time to discuss so much more in depth each week. Thanks, really love the show.

  32. has solace stopped hosting your programs? i am getting invalid address notices when i click to listen.

    never fear i will continue to llisten from truth2u site but what’s with solace?

    thank you for the blessings of the torah pearls….i miss your other guests…hope they wll return soon.

  33. What can you tell me about the 12 tribes ?
    we where in Nelson BC this past week, nice people, great food.
    thanks ed

  34. Thank you so much for broadcasting the Torah Pearls. We have learned so much and look forward to each. Our 12 year old grandson listened with us this week and thought “those guys are really cool”. I am discussing with him and his parents about him studying Hebrew, he will grasp it more readily than I have (DAH).
    We truly appreciate the insight each of you bring to the study. Thank you so much.

  35. Nehemia wrote, on his FB wall, that you are preparing a Q & A series, and suggested questions be sent there.
    I have a question about a Scripture that is not from Torah, but I’m hoping to learn if there is anything in Torah that helps to make the text clear:
    Micah 5:
    Micah 5:
    2 But you, O Bethlehem Ephrathah,
    who are too little to be among the clans of Judah,
    from you shall come forth for me
    one who is to be ruler in Israel,
    whose coming forth is from of old,
    from ancient days.
    3 Therefore he shall give them up until the time
    when she who is in labor has given birth;
    then the rest of his brothers shall return
    to the people of Israel.
    4 And he shall stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the LORD,
    in the majesty of the name of the LORD his God.
    And they shall dwell secure, for now he shall be great
    to the ends of the earth.
    5 And he shall be their peace.

    I assume this is a Messianic prophecy, but I am wondering, what is verse 3 referring to? “Who” is in labor? “Who” gives birth? How would the people to whom Micah was speaking understand this? What would they reference? Is there anything in Torah which would define this verse? In the NT – Revelation, there is a prophetic reference to a woman giving birth, but that doesn’t help define what is being said in Micah.

    Thank you!!

  36. can someone please explain to the “Two house vs One house theory”? I am very confused about both of these concepts.

  37. I miss the broadcasts so much!! When will the radio program be back on. I have tried and tried to listen on Solace, Meander and here on the site. I notice that the listen Live link now just open another of the same page. When will the programs be available again???

  38. Blessings from sunny San Diego, CA, USA. I am being blessed with these Torah pearls. I also recommend this site to others.

  39. Truth2U radio is a tremendous blessing. I really enjoy the Pearls from the Torah segment and have listened to several of your discussions with Yoel ben Shlomo as well. I’m really looking forward to hearing more! Thank you for all you do to put this information “out there.”

  40. Shalom!!!This show has been an answer to my prayers!! What a blessing!!!I just discovered it less than a week ago and am hooked. What you three are doing is revolutionary. Thank you Jono, Keith and Nehemiah!!!!

  41. I now see what you look like. Been listening on my phone for awhile. Love all three of the shows, they each give something unique to the learning process. Listen as I am preparing for Shabbat most Fridays and it helps get me grounded. Really-really- like the direction YAHOVAH has been leading you with the programming.
    From Missouri USA

  42. My mother and I are working to convert to Judaism, messianic to be exact. We’ve struggled to find our place and I am thankful to you and for you all for your teaching and discussions particularly the torah pearls. My mom has been through so much and I think that knowing that there are more people like us and listening to your programs on shabbat is an encouragement to her. And for me as I try to figure out who Yahuveh is to me and where my faith is going it’s helpful having the word explained instead of being told to just accept what is being given. So thank you guys and I hope you continue to teach us and open our minds to a perspective that isn’t just what we see at the tip of our noses.

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