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118 thoughts on “Donations

  1. G’day Nice,

    I’m glad you like the bumper music. It is a track called “Crosswoods” from an album entitled “The Leftover Sea” by my younger sister, Kate Plummer. You can hear more here.

  2. Shalom,

    Thanks to Brad Scott for introducing me to this radio program. It sounds very professional and is easy listening. I plan on burning these for morning work listenings before work. Will help calm my nerves, lol.


  3. Shalom Jono!
    We have ‘spoken’ at Paltalk! I used daleph; now you know who that is!
    I’m from Vic; Nitza introduced me to your radio talks, which are super!
    A very good brother also from US has told you about the silver shekels
    from, all 3 of us are from there!
    I highly recommend Eliyahu ben David on your radio shows too, he has
    great insights on Revelation from Hebraic perspective, and has books on them. Eliyahu, and us, are on a mission to gather the Remnant!
    Do visit his webpage, and join us at the Community page. You’ll be such a blessing to all there!

    Blessings in Yahshua,

  4. Thanks for the ministry. I love listening to you program
    I live in Connecticut. It is a bare and dry land for Torah and Torah Keepers.
    Keep it up.

  5. G’day jono! I’m a new listener and can’t wait for every weekly show to be posted, as we have nothing like this in WA. Praise be to YHWH!
    If at all possible,could you see if you can have Avi ben Mordechai on your show.
    I was on a study tour in Israel in 2008 with Avi and his wife Dina. Avi is a genuine brother with a passion for truth and a depth of insight that only the Eternal One can give. And I’m sure your listeners will agree when they
    hear his insight.

    Thank you once again jono for living water.

  6. G’day David! I’m glad you enjoy Truth2U. I love Avi ben Mordechai and would dearly love to have him on the program. I have made a couple of requests, but he is very busy. Hopefully soon we can hook up and do more than just one hour! I agree with you, the listeners would certainly benefit from his insights.

    Thanks for the encouragement,


  7. Hey Jono,
    Love the show!!!!!!!! Where are you this week of Sept.5? I hate it when there isn’t a new show…I really miss it.
    Hope everything’s all right!

  8. Jono I enjoy the program a lot and I am busy on shabbat doing home studies and fellowships. So heres the deal I down load the MP3s of the show on mondays. Can you please include all the grate music on the MP3S Shalom from Bakersfield cal USA

  9. You were not confused Cindy. It is the curse of the time zone…every now and then the radio host or guest gets confused on the timing. But not to worry, it makes a good opportunity to have a music program :-)

  10. G’day Louis, I’m really glad you asked about the music. I have been editing out the music because I thought there might have been an issue regarding copyright laws. I finally got around to speaking with 2YYY about copyright to discover that it is perfectly fine for me to upload my programs with the music! I will also introduce a music page to the website with links to the artist’s website.

    Thanks again for your comment :-)


  11. Hi Jono
    Did you have any further information regarding the mob who minister in Pakistan? I’ve had a look at their website, which was helpful, but it does not share anything about themselves personally. Did you have a show where you had a discussion with him that I could download perhaps?
    Blessings to you and your family during these wonderful days.

  12. Do we have access to past shows, an archive section? I am new to your show, but really enjoy listening to you and your guests.

  13. Shalom. I am just so blessed by this website and the radio programs that you do. Is Jono the name of the one who runs the shows? Forgive me of my ignorance.

    You are a blessing brother. I love your humble spirit and sense of humor on your radio talk show 😀 Keep it up my brother in Yeshua.

  14. G’day Netzari, yes I (jono) am very blessed to be the host of Truth2U. I’m glad you are enjoying the programs and I pray it continues to be a blessing :)

  15. Hi Jono,

    Iam new to your radio show. I was introduced to you by my cousin and let me tell you, I am so glad he did. I have been truly blessed. I currently attend a Messianic Jewish Synagogue but I am looking for a congregration that is more Hebrew Roots based. I wonder if you have knowledge of any here in Atlanta Georgia. I have been searching the web but to no avail.
    Thanks Jono,

  16. G’day Esther!

    I’m so glad Truth2U is a blessing to you and your cousin! Unfortunately I have no knowledge of any fellowships in Atlanta Georgia. I pray you find likeminded fellowship soon.


  17. Jono,
    You are a blessing to those of us who have somehow found your website.
    Your searching heart is drawing you closer to HaShem, our Abba Father.
    I live here in Atlanta, Georgia. We have been here almost 10 years. I
    would be happy to speak or correspond with anyone wanting to find a
    congregation here in the Atlanta area. We have visited 4 of them so far
    and are soon to visit the 5th Messianic congregation that we have on our
    list. Each congregation is different, with colorful people, loving people
    and a joy to meet so many people from many areas of the world here.
    Shabbat Shalom To All You Faithful Servants, Ruth Manning,
    American Indian from Michigan.

  18. Hi Jono, The Mid-rash is great and most informative from the various contributors. Congratulations mate. In His Service, Brian

  19. Shabbat Shalom My Dear Brother Jono!
    Your radio programs are such a blessing to me. When others in the household want to turn on TV, I can go to my room and get your program and have an old fashioned praise session! Praise Yah!
    I was listening to David Perry and I must admit, he confuses me a little. Is he trying to say that the commands of Torah are misunderstood by us and that we are keeping things in Torah that was intended only for the Aharonic Priesthood and not for those under the Melek Tzidek which would be all of us?
    BTW, my regards to Rodney Baker and Netzari, my blog brothers!

  20. G,day Jono
    I have been enjoying listening to your program. As a fellow Aussie living in Kansas I have apreciated hearing the accent again and that Aussie humor.
    My prayer is that the truth of the word that is presented in this program reaches the heart of YHWH’s people in Australia and around the world.
    Even though I live in the states (past 6 years) I still have a burning in my heart to see YHWH’s people in Australia come to a knowledge of the truth and come out of babylon.
    Blessings and Shalom.

  21. Nice to see that you brothers have your radio show. Im really ashamed when i see what the brothers throughout the world have achieved compared to my brotherhood in germany.
    may YHWH bless you abundantly and guide many people to the truth through you.
    may peace and blessings be upon you in the name of his son.

  22. Can you explain the year 5846 on the sighted moon website. does that mean we are still 153 years before we reach 5999, and then 6000 which ends the 6000 years and starts the 7th day?

  23. In the past few days, anti-Christian attacks left 21 people dead in Egypt, two slain in Iraq and 86 slaughtered in Nigeria. On October 31, militants stormed a church in central Baghdad, leaving 44 worshippers, two priests and seven security force personnel dead, in an attack claimed by Al-Qaeda’s local affiliate.

  24. Voice of the Martyrs: On Jan. 3, a judge told Shoaib Assadullah that if he did not renounce Christ within one week he would face up to 20 years in prison or even be sentenced to death. Shoaib was arrested on Oct. 21, 2010, when he gave a man a Bible in Mazar-e-Sharif, the fourth largest city in Afghanistan. The man reported the incident to authorities, and Shoaib was arrested. He has been imprisoned in northern Afghanistan since his arrest.

  25. Go BIG Jono, go BIG! I will remember you in prayer though and ask the Father open doors in the right direction.

  26. Personally I think a dedicated Internet broadcast would be fantastic. It would open up different possibilities such as not only playing your interviews (which are fantastic), but maybe getting some teachings together from some of your guests (and from those who haven’t been on) to be broadcast throughout the day. Something like an internet radio GLC. Whatever it is you decide to do I will be listening. In your move and your decision  may YHVH bless you and keep you; YHVH make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; YHVH lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

  27. Shaloha Jono,
    Our ears have become accustomed to your voice and during the interim you will be missed! We pray your move will be effortless and rejoice with you and your friends and family as they bless and sanctify your new dwelling! We know that our Father will lead you on the right path and all of us faithful listeners will be praying for you and your family during this time. You’re a blessing to us out here listening and we will continue to follow you wherever you go! We look forward to the day when we can clink “Longboards” here in Hawaii with you mate…or shall we say, braddah! Shalom~

  28. I just recently found your show and i love listening to your varied guests. I noticed that you changed the format of your web site. I also noticed that most of your guests allowed downloads but not anymore. Is there some reason why the downloads are not aviable anymore. I have downloaded some and listen to them on my 70 min drive to and from work 7 days a week. would love to have more to listen to. Thanks for your wonderful show, shalom nancy

  29. Hi Jono,

    Did you get rid of your facebook page? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. What I was really looking for was your kimchi recipe. I think you mentioned that your wife had a good recipe for kimchi. Can you send me a link to it please. I think there are real health benefits and preservative benefits to fermented foods. For example, when it says that Abraham offered milk to the angels that visited him, there is strong reason to believe this was yogurt. Mixing the left over daily milk with the existing yogurt culture would stop spoiling from harmful bacteria, since the various forms of beneficial lactobacillus in these cultures overpower the harmful bacteria.

    Thanks in advance.

  30. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for doing a great program with interesting subjects. I really appreciate the difficult issues that are discussed with a heart for truth. I am 6-7 years into a Torah obediant life and there is so much to learn, thanks. I would like to suggest 2 people that would be good to have on your show. The first is Bill Cloud (good friend of Brad Scott) who has good insights into Hebrew words, and end times as prophecied in the Torah (see Joseph factor). His web site is . The other person is Tony Robinson who’s heart is to teach the Torah themeatically and show how the Messiah is revealed in the Torah. His site is . Again, keep up the great programs!


  31. Shalom Jono,

    Greetings form NYC area

    Was just listening to your guest Mark Pitrone and yourself discussing the canal and iran’s naval manuever up the canal.

    I think it was mentioned that Israel trusts too much in the US and now there is no protection for her from the US.

    I just listened to Jim Staley’s Passion for Truth Shabbat service and he did the prophetic of Egypt in all history. He hit upon and showed pictures of Babylon, Iraq and our U.S. military might, presence, and the largest embassy in all the world which we occupy. It’s the size of 8 football fields and operates a large budget and a 1000 + personnel. I don’t think Americans even know this but it sheds a broader light on the Kings of the South and Kings of the North and Ancient Babylon at this hour BUT it does have our presence there if and when Israel needs us provided we have not sold her down the river as we have been doing supporting financially the terrorist nations and there build up. You should call Jim Staley and ask to see his broadcast.

    I like this layout and this new way you are doing things much better than before.

    You’re a wonderful, and fun guy to listen to and I enjoy your guests and look forward to you broadening them.

    Baruch Atah Jono


  32. we can not learn to a Seder .. We are trying .. The Messianic community here is not what anyone understands ,,,, We will continue on and learn … I feel at this point very alone wow very alone
    Blessing’s to you

  33. Love the site! The format is really pleasing to the eye. Thanks for supporting Messianic artists. If you like our site, please email me. We just played at the MJAA SW Regional Conference with Paul Wilbur and Maurice Sklar. Our debut CD, “Or HaOlam” was released a few months ago. ~Corry

  34. Is it possible to obtain a copy of the radio broadcast aired on 3/4/11 with Brad Scott speaking about the “2 house teaching”?
    What an awesome interview to pass on to Christian pastors in my circle…. Thank you,
    Juli Lewis

  35. Shalom Jono
    Carole posted February 19, 2011 for directory information in NZ and Australia for believers in Torah. There is also If you would like to list truth2u please feel welcome and of course it is free for individuals and groups, local and international who want relate to other Torah believers.
    Keep up the good work and look forward to catching up soon.
    We have our information site also at and where new believers can be introduced to the Hebrew African Roots of our faith and our Black Moshiach Yahushua.

    Shalom Aliechem
    Rav Warren “Israel” Wichman and Family

  36. Please remove the picture of the portion of a peeled banana …I think it is offensive on this web site.

  37. G’day Kay, thank you for your comment. While I can’t promise that the banana will not return later in the series on circumcision, I have changed the picture to a comic. I hope you enjoy it :)

  38. Hi Jono, I hope all is going well with you and your family. I just wanted to compliment you on the new format of the website. It is most pleasant and very user friendly. The variety of good new Torah based material is indeed a fruit of much labour by all involved. May Abba continue to bless you and all involved. Shalom, Brian

  39. Shalom, Jono, from Florida!

    Good show, brother, good radio. Keep up the good work in the Messiah.

    This is my request. Please, invite your guests to comment on this topic: there is a teaching in the main-street Messianic Judaism called “Divine Invitation.” Basically it means that the non-Jews are “invited” to keep Torah but they do not have to if they do not want to. If they choose to keep it that is fine; if not that is also fine. Torah is for the Jews only. Also, those teachers teach that the Jews and Gentiles have different callings; the Gentiles in Messianic movement are to support the Messianic Jews in their calling and so on. I completely disagree with this. Torah is one and for all, natives and non-natives.

    It would be very educational for the listeners to hear your guests’ view on “Divine Invitation.”

    Thank you!

  40. Is there some way to see a list of your broadcasts listed chronologically? It would be nice to be able to download them onto my mp3 player and listen to them at work in the order they were originally broadcast.

  41. G’day Scott, Thanks for listening. The broadcasts appear on the main page chronologically. At the bottom of the page just click “Older Broadcasts”.

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