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112 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Good Day to Jono, Keith, and Nehemia. I am sending you this small note because Nehemia said if the listeners wanted to hear the half torah teachings to write in. It would be a such a blessing to hear these teachings from you all ! Dont leave us hanging. Please.
    Your show is supercharged by the Holy Spirit. Keep up with the fun and laughter is is so refreshing. Yehovah Bless you all.
    Laura from Arizona.

  2. Blessings and Praises too you and your guest! Hope all is well for you and your family. Thank you for the suggestions on good study bible! Words can never express how blessed I feel hearing the Truth and learning the truth and meaning within His Word! Shalom

  3. Hi jono,
    Just want to suggest if you could maybe add another payment option for donations cause here in singapore, paypal has a new policy that prohibits us from making donations using paypal to organizations or charities outside of really like to donate even just a little but i dont have a checque…i have a debit card that i can use like a credit card but your donation options uses paypal route so it automatically blocks my card and wouldnt process it…
    Hope you can provide other means, maybe if theres another way i can enter my card details without using paypal method…

    Thanks and Shalom!

  4. Did we order some Tzitzit off your site? We ordered some and we recieved two packets. but we only bought one. We would like to make sure we pay for the second. please let us know.

  5. Hi there at truth 2 u
    I was wondering,is Yeshua ( the lamb that takes away the sins of the world),still considered to be the one who atoned for your sins or do you have another version of atonement.


  6. Howdy Jono and company,

    I was wondering if in some context you guys wouldn’t mind discussing how you fellowship, religiously speaking. As I have bounced from Christian denomination to denomination to Hebrew Roots and now bouncing completely out of a belief in Yeshua, I face a quandry. I am not swayed by the arguements that Oral Torah is divinely inspired, ex cathedra, inexorable truth. Lots of good stuff that provides historical context, but some things I just can’t swallow. Perhaps I’m too distrustful after my Christian experience. So no I am left to choose from 1) Staying at home with my family and doing Torah Portion (and Pearls!) 2) Worship with Messianics (who are still all about Jesus and the “Brit Hadasha” 3) Find a synagogue and submit to Jewish Oral Law (or one that is so liberal that anything goes.) Even some Karaites (not that there are any around here) have traditions they insist one follows, even if they don’t call them divine, if you want your card punched.

    Currently we are still fellowshipping with our Messi-friends, but as the topic of Yeshua comes up, I get more uncomfortable being involved in prayers to him and I feel the need to ask those uncomfortable questions to others that I found no good answers for. Sorry for the long post, maybe it can make for a long episode. :)

    So in summary: where does a Karaite in China, an Australian “apostate,” and a non-Oral Law believing Orthodox go to worship?

    Aaron Kavli

    PS- What is the Karaite view of the Righteous Gentile, aka Noahides? I don’t quite see that idea in Torah. There is one law for native born and convert / stranger, unless I’m missing something… which is quite likely.

  7. Hey Jono: im also writing a note requesting that you all continue doing tpop. I was really looking forward to hearing you three do that. It is my prayer that that project is still in the works. Thanks

  8. Hey Aaron Kavli,

    I guess I am in the same boat as you. Your experience and mine are very similar. Except I pretty much stopped fellowshipping. It is very difficult. If it weren’t for Truth2U I would probably be going out of my mind.

    I would most definitely like to chat with you further. Maybe Jono can help us contact each other.

    Todah Rabah!

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