In Memory of Jonah Vandor

This is Jason typing..

Jono and Christine have asked me to share with you all the tragic news that their first born son, Jonah, was taken from them suddenly this passed Shabbat, August 19th.Jonah Samuel Jonathan Vandor was just 14 years old and the Vandor family are understandably devastated and in deep shock.

Jono and Christine will be offline and unavailable for the foreseeable future as they grieve and suffer this terrible news. Truth2U will be frozen for the time being.

I know that many of us will feel much pain and sadness at this unbelievable, horrific and numbing news.

This is going to be an incredibly hard time for the Vandor family, Jono – Christine and Jonah’s younger brother, William need love and support..

..and you can show your love and support by giving to the fund set up below to help cover the funeral costs and subsequent needs of the family.

Click here to donate or find the link on the top right of this page.


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  1. Charlie says

    I just can’t believe it. I’m so sorry for your loss. A universe has been stripped from you. I have no words to comfort you. You are obviously a good man, I feel like I know you. May God give you comfort in this time.

  2. Susan says

    Baruch dayan ha’emet

  3. Cas and Ilna says

    May YHVH be with you in this difficult time.

  4. Laurie says

    I am so sorry. I can’t imagine what you are going through. My heart goes out to you and family. All will be in my prayers.

  5. Gemma says

    Jono ,Christine and family.
    Our prayers and thoughts are with you as you go through this unimaginable loss of your beautiful and precious first born son Jonah.
    We feel with you and hug you deeply.
    Carol, Catherine and Gemma.

  6. Judy says

    I’m so very sorry. May Jonah’s neshama be at peace in Gan Eden with Hashem. May Hashem comfort you all.

  7. Angela says

    Only just saw this – I am so,so sorry for your loss. Praying for you all and may G-d comfort you in your grief.

  8. Laura Margolis says

    My heart is filled with sadness for your family’s loss. No words can be of comfort. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers., May Hashem blanket you with Love and healing.

  9. Janet Rush says

    Jono my prayers go up to our Father for you and Christine. I miss hearing your voice and hearing the ever present smile. Watching eagerly for your return. May Yehovah comfort you and bless you.

  10. sandra iventosch says

    Please know that there are so many of us that mourn for you and your family. May Yehovah keep you close and bring you comfort.

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