Gospel Truth: Matthew 2:23 / Mystery Special Edition!

Watch as Jono explains how the NKJV Nelson’s Study Bible rightfully warns its readers not to confuse the terms “Nazarite” & “Nazarene” …and then, in desperation, deliberately confuses the two terms hoping no one will notice. Why? Because the writer of the Gospel of Matthew insists that Matt 2:23 is the fulfilment of multiple prophecies in the Hebrew Bible. Do these prophecies actually exist? What are the cross-references? Join Jono and Jason as they branch out on another adventure into the ‘Gospel Truth’.

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  1. Adam Delelegn says

    What’s up Jono and Jason! I think Dr. Brown’s answer is very compelling in Jewish Objections to Jesus Volume 4, Objection 5.3 on page 24 check it out. I think you might even get the full answer here in the preview book on google. Peace!https://books.google.com/books?id=MoGnZCVBpR8C&pg=PA24&lpg=PA24&dq=matthew+2:23+jewish+objections+to+jesus&source=bl&ots=HMUcBdvTKC&sig=WNdzbZn-u4nhaNbTlAGefjJr5bs&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiV6oSa0bzVAhXnv1QKHWIDC6AQ6AEINDAD#v=onepage&q=matthew%202%3A23%20jewish%20objections%20to%20jesus&f=false

  2. jono vandor says

    Thanks, Adam, I think that’s probably the best effort one could possibly muster in the attempt to salvage this sunken ship, and I’m sure it serves to tuck some dismayed Christians back into their New Testament bed. Nevertheless, the clear fact remains that no single, let alone multiple (as claimed), prophecy exists in the Tanakh that remotely corresponds to Matt 2:23.

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