Jono & Jason – Eat My Flesh

Listen to Jono & Jason as they wade through the theological intricacies of the perpetual Catholic cannibalism of Jesus, including the recent reaffirmation of a 2003 directive regarding gluten. Can a gluten-free host prevent the magical process of changing into flesh? Find out in this episode!

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  1. jono vandor says

    G’day 1jdefrancisco, I do happen to have a degree in Christian theology. I think I have a clue.

  2. 1jdefrancisco says

    Jono, in all sincerity, does your clue take you anywhere beyond what was said in your podcast? If so, where?

  3. 1jdefrancisco says


  4. Charles says

    Very good gentleman. These Catholic sacrificial blood and flesh rituals along with idol/statue worship don’t break the law of Moses directly because they are not actually drinking blood or eating unclean flesh, (unless Jesus chewed his cud and had split hooves) nor do they actually worship the statues. However these rituals surely do spit in the face of Jewish law and perhaps that was the point from the early church. I for one know that these practices did help drive me into the arms of my nearest Rabbi. Shalom.

  5. jono vandor says

    Jim, a more specific question would be appreciated.

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