Exploring Psalms – Chapter 17 – Rabbi Michael Skobac

Did David really pray that his enemies would “shut their fat arrogant mouth”? Join Rabbi Michael Skobac and Jono as they explore the Book of Psalms, chapter by chapter. Who composed the Psalm? What is it about and what was happening in the life of the author at the time of the composition? How does it apply to us today? Also, what would Christianity have us believe about each Psalm and how does that deviate from the original intent? Listen to the answers to these questions and more!

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  1. Sarah Yocheved says

    Your discussion of Psalm 17 with Rabbi Skobac was so meaningful to me in my life right now. Seeing the unpleasant situations that continually (and for no logical reason) come up in my life as having a righteous purpose is a blessing. I will surely listen to this discussion again! Thanks Jono and Rabbi Skobac!

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