Isaac Kight – Jewish Identity – Matrilineal Vs Patrilineal Descent

Who is a Jew? Rabbinic Judaism follows the matrilineal rule while Karaite Judaism maintains a patrilineal position. What is the scriptural evidence to support either position? If it was one and now the other what was the catalyst for change? Also, is it possible for a Jew to cease being a Jew? Listen as Isaac and Jono discuss these hot topics and more!

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Silver Trumpets – Who Is A Jew?

American Karaite Judaism

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  1. Charles says

    Fascinating but I’m still confused about Moabites being forbidden FOREVER from entering into the assembly. How does David escape this law?

  2. jono vandor says

    Hi, Charles, being that the Tanakh follow a consistent patrilineal rule, the fact that Ruth is David’s great grandmother poses no problem because David’s fathers are of the line of Judah. The real question is were the sons of Naomi at liberty to marry a Moabitess considering Deut 23:4?

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