Exploring Psalms – Chapter 13 – Rabbi Michael Skobac

Join Rabbi Michael Skobac and Jono as they explore the Book of Psalms, chapter by chapter. Who composed the Psalm? What is it about and what was happening in the life of the author at the time of the composition? How does it apply to us today? Also, what would Christianity have us believe about each Psalm and how does that deviate from the original intent? Listen to the answers to these questions and more!

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  1. sharoncfahey says

    Jono, you know, I have been going through this very thing as David did. I feel like He has hidden Himself from me, so much so. that I have no idea what I have done or what I’m doing and it feels as if I will die like this. The one thing that has kept me from utter hopelessness is remembering my relationship with Him and the closeness He shared with me throughout my life to this point. Remembering that gives me hope that at some point this will end or I will have an answer from Him. I’m sure some who knew me and the relationship they witnessed between Hashem and I would say, “see, she left the church and God left her!” But I can’t believe that since it was Him and His word, Torah, that led me this far. Thank you Jono and Rabbi for this!

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