A Karaite Case For The Calculated Calendar – Isaac Kight

What to do when you have to submit your leave from work well in advance? Can a Karaite pre-calculate the new year? Is there a commandment to sight the barley and if so who is the authority to do this? Also, how did we arrive at year 5777? Listen as Isaac answers these questions and more!

Silver Trumpets – The Jewish Calendar

American Karaite Judaism

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  1. Andrew says

    Yes! THANK YOU! Ever since I started researching the calendar 3 years ago I’ve taken issue with there not being instructions to site Barley and the New Moon sliver for the calendar and you’ve nailed it. I’m thrilled to find someone that supports the need for the universal calculated calendar and the overall logical nature of calculation as well as accounting for the ancients ability to do mathmatics. Sighted calendars never made sense to me and I’ve never been comfortable following them most especially because it’s nowhere in Torah. I love this and the other teachings lately by you, the logic is refreshing. I am in an intro to Judaism class with interest in conversion with the Rabbi having understanding I plan to take the Karaite path. This is a very exciting time in my life and these teachings are also so very exciting. Thanks again! YHVH bless you and keep you! – Andrew

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