Tomer Mangoubi & Ken Lane – Can One Burn Fire On Shabbat?

Can one kindle a fire before Shabbat and leave it burning or is fire to be extinguished before Shabbat? What is the Historical Karaite position and are there exceptions to the generally practised tradition? How does the Karaite practice differ to the Rabbinic and what did Rashi have to say on the matter? What is the difference between active and passive work? Do Karaites hold to the “39 prohibitions of Shabbat”? Can we light our houses with uranium on Shabbat?!? Listen for the answers to all these questions and more from Tomer & Ken!

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  1. Jeremiah says

    Really great discussion Jono
    I live in Alaska and many of us up here use wood for heating.
    Like was discussed we get everything prepared the day before, kindling, fire starters ect.
    They would not have had electricity when the Scripture was written, but
    I am sure it gets cold enough to need heat in the land of Israel.
    Thanks again enjoying the Karaite perspective very much.

  2. Zvi says

    Jeremiah: I live in Israel and can reveal that getting dressed in the thickest winter clothing will do the “trick”, together with blankets. No need for heating there, where temperatures do not drop below about -5 degrees Celsius.

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