A Karaite Perspective – The Sanhedrin – Part 2 – Who Has The Authority & Why?

Considering the history of the Sanhedrin and source of Rabbinic authority, where does Karaite Judaism derive its authority and how is it applied?

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  1. Darek Jakubowski says

    Thank you Isaak and Jono for this very informative perspective. Really mind blowing historical facts. Thank you!
    In the next conversation with Isaak could you ask his opinion on how and why having a Jewish mother become rule to be recognized as Jew in an Orthodox Judaism?

  2. Karen Kerchhoff says

    whereabouts can i find the first part

  3. AndrewRivers says

    Darek Jakubowski: To your question, in cases such as the roman conquest of Jerusalem in which the women may have been raped you can always tell who the mother is but not always the father.

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