The Christmas Narrative As Told By Rabbi Tovia Singer

Have you ever wanted to hear the Christmas narrative told from a Jewish perspective? Can you imagine the story of the birth of Jesus narrated by an Orthodox Rabbi? Now you have that opportunity! Listen as Rabbi Tovia Singer recounts in detail the introductory events across the Gospels. More importantly, Tovia addresses the Gospel fulfilment citations, taking them back to the original passages of the Jewish Bible and putting them into context for a very revealing conclusion.

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  1. Sharon Kerr says

    It’s quite possible that the writer lived in the area of Nazareth, or familiar with the area.

  2. captain o says

    I was taught that the travelers were Jews that stayed in Persia or Babylon instead of migrating back to Israel with Ezra and Nehemiah. They were not following a single star but reading the stars. This thought comes from the fact that Daniel could read dreams and stars; therefore, the stars were aligned to tell those looking that the messiah was born.

  3. Robert Sewell says

    Why do your audio feeds not allow me to see how much is left, or give me more controls than just pause and play?

  4. Alana Lee says

    Min Min light….

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