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  1. andrewrivers says

    Shalom Jono and Jason! Another great video guys! Ironically, I was studying the Matthew and Luke genealogy discrepancy and in my study came across something that pertains to this very thing that I think you will find interesting. I was watching the Rabbi Blumenthal answering Michael Brown video Michael Skobac posted on the Truth2u Study group and it led me to the Contra Brown study ( and there was a link to a debate with another Rabbi and Brown. Brown makes the claim the Numbers evidences inheritance through the maternal line. I went to Numbers and I found this in Numbers 36:2 “and they said, “The Lord commanded my lord to give the land by lot to the sons of Israel as an inheritance,” Note the same phrase “The Lord (capital) commanded my lord (lower case). Why the double standard here? I thought that was very interesting. Thanks again for all of the great content!

  2. Sharon Kerr says

    4 The Lord swore and will not repent; you are a priest forever because of the speech of Malchizedek.
    you are a priest forever because of the speech of Malchizedek: From you will emerge the priesthood and the kingship that your children will inherit from Shem your progenitor, the priesthood and the kingship, which were given to him. דִבְרָתִי מלכי-צדק. The “yud” is superfluous, like (Lam. 1: 1): “the city that was once so populous (רבתי).” Because of the speech of Malchizedek, because of the command of Malchizedek. You are a priest, Heb. כהן. The word כהן bears the connotation of priesthood and rulership, as (II Sam. 8:18): “and David’s sons were chief officers.”

  3. Sharon Kerr says

    Malchizedek Malek Melek=king tzedek=righteous. righteous king of Salem was Noah’s son Shem.

  4. AndrewRivers says

    Thanks Sharon, that’s great!

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