Accept Truth From Whatever Source it Comes

Two years ago Jono & Jason, among others, were literally “Black Listed” as a result of refining our faith to the Hebrew Bible. Today, Cheri, the creator of that list has herself turned to the One True God of Israel! The program below, recorded two years ago, was Jono & Jason’s reply to her initial persecution.

Coming soon on Tenak Talk host, William Hall, will be speaking with Cheri to hear her amazing journey from zealous New Testament believer to defender of the Jewish faith. Details to follow.

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  1. Scott Hay says

    More rambling chats would be fun πŸ˜€ Keep up the good work, guys!

    PS. *Beep*

  2. Clea Belcher says

    I very much enjoyed the points you made. I also am not threatened at all by different points of belief people have. But I do get weary of some who are aggressive and refuse to consider valid arguments or even points of truth that they are missing. We should all “get the facts” and properly consider them or “rightly divide” them. I have encountered some of those who indeed have marked a certain Jewish evangelist who gives us pearls of wisdom.

  3. Lael M. says

    This “black list” could prove to be the best advertising for Truth 2 U!

  4. Penina says

    It is my opinion that it is extremely offensive for one person to elect herself as “judge” and presume to warn people who they should NOT listen to regarding religious matters, and quite stupid of those people if they allow her to have such power over them. I saw her Facebook wall with the LIST of NAMES. The ensuing comments were laden with gossip and tale bearing against various individuals, something Jesus taught against.
    The whole Messianic/Hebrew Roots movement is nothing more than a fine line away from the Christianity they criticize for paganism and idolatry. They call Jesus by the name of Yeshua and have church on Saturday; they keep HaShem’s feast days rather than Christmas and Easter. Other than that, there is no difference. A great many appear to be nothing more than wannabe Jews.


  5. Darren says

    Thank you for continuing with the great programs Jono & Mr. Jason Spiritualbabies, even as the Christians and Messianics have “upped the Anti-” upon you guys. And thanks to Jason for his exhaustive work about Paul quoting Jesus, my 6yr old read it to me the other day.

  6. Joann Waldon says

    You both made some really excellent points in this conversation! :–) In the past I used to be scared of hearing things that were different than my beliefs but because I do value truth as one of my highest values, I could no longer hide from things that challenged me theologically… Jono once said something that really resonated with me on a Torah Pearls episode about how people who seek truth don’t really stay in one group for too long; they graze on what the people have to offer, ponder it and then move on towards ever more truth (hopefully I didn’t butcher my paraphrase too much :–) …and I have found this to be true… I have found once I have been willing to ask Yehovah to show me the things that I am confused about or wrong about theologically, that my eyes are opening like never before…so fear of information or fear of new information just holds people back… I used to be “stressed out” by things the two of you would say but I have to give you both credit that you have both challenged me by your information you share online and I am really for the better for listening…I may not always agree 100 percent with both of your points of view entirely but because you both do seek truth as one of your highest values I have truly benefited from hearing what you have to say…. I remember the horrible anxiety I felt the first time I watched one of Tovia Singer’s videos on youtube and because he was so informative I found myself rooting for his side to win the debate… this made me realize that I really needed to study more and to not be scared of information… I think when a person is willing to embrace information they need to remember that just because they accept truth from someone of another opinion doesn’t mean that they have to accept everything the person says…in other words it doesn’t have to be black or white… there can be an option C, not just A and B…hopefully what I said makes sense…. anyways, thanks so much for all you both do in searching for truth and searching for the true way, the true path of Yehovah :–)

  7. James Hayman says

    I appreciate you guys and your thought provoking programs. Jim

  8. Paul Hoffman says

    hey guys, I really liked this rambling; it was great. I was cracking up when you talked about the battery in Jason’s smoke detector. I notice it every time when Jason is on the air because when mine beeps in my house, I am always chasing the *beep* all over the place trying to figure out which one it is πŸ™‚ Actually back when his first started beeping on air, I thought it was mine and would pause the audio to find it and it would stop. Luckily I only had to pause a couple times before I figured out it wasn’t my smoke detector beeping. πŸ™‚

  9. eileen says

    Re:Penina statement. God created man in ‘His image’ He did not make ‘wannabe’s. Who are you O’man that God is mindful of you?

  10. Penina says

    I don’t believe I fully understand Eileen’s comment.

    I simply mean that a great number of people in the Messianic movement greatly desire to be Jewish. Many of them have had DNA tests to see if they have Jewish ancestry, I’ve heard stories of those who found menorahs in the attic of a great grandparent, etc. So many look for any hidden clue that they might have Jewish ancestry. Perhaps this is due to knowing that the people of Israel are especially dear to HaShem. They want to be included. They want to do everything the Jews do, keep the same feasts, keep Shabbat (which is very much like sitting through a Christian church service with the only difference being it is held on Saturday).

    The one thing they are afraid to give up is Jesus, so they simply refer to him by the Hebrew name of Yeshua. Some get past the fear factor and actually look at what’s written in the Tanakh. When they throw off the Christian shackles they are then ostracized by Messianic/Christians to the point of being shunned and have their names put on a “list”.

  11. Lori says

    Enjoyed this very much!
    After I read the bible in chronological order and started telling the people I went to church with that “I think we are suppose to be doing this stuff”….and “I never found one place where the bible says not to do this”…..I was cut off and my friends were all told to stay away from me because I was a false teacher/prophet. Saying we need to do what the bible says….made me a false prophet!!!

  12. Cynthia says

    Hi Jono and Jason: in reference to the lady you’re talking about, it’s possible she’s referring to,a guest you’ve had on your show who in 1 of your programs said he was anti-missionary. I’ve never thought you guys were anti messianic. Of course many people who believe in a messiah do not believe Yeshua is messiah; and listening to your programs gives me the strong impression that you are anti-Yeshua. Perhaps she misspoke that.
    Even though I wouldn’t tell people not to listen to you, I do get a message, including this show, that you do desire for listeners to see Yeshua and the N.T. How you see it them.
    I don’t believe some of the conclusions you make because His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

  13. Penina says

    I’m sorry for your experience, Lori. I’ve seen this over and over πŸ™
    It seems a bit ignorant of those folks and I know you feel very alone.

  14. Shali says

    Excuse me? There are no good Messianic apologetics and when challenged we go running off to Christians like Dr. Michael Brown for answers? HELLO! And you guys aren’t “anti-missionaries”? Really? Then why are you forever bashing those of us who believe in Yeshua and Torah? That’s all you ever do!

  15. Miffy says

    Therefinersfire link quotes Isaiah 11:1, which I think is prophecy about the avocado tree I thought had died! Well, the grafting has indeed died; a healthy trunk and leaves grew for a time and then they shriveled up. But the root part has started sprouting growth despite the graft dying. Poor graft!

    Question. Can Person A read the bible and believe she has learned “the truth” AND Person B read the bible and believe he has learned “the truth”? Why would Person B be labelled a “basher” because he arrived at a different understanding of what the bible was stating from that of Person A. Why isn’t Person A labelled a “basher” too if they publicly give their view? Who decides?

    I’d like to know how very different conclusions come from reading the same Bible. If Yeshua was the truth, lived the truth, and taught the truth, WHY are we even having these discussions? Our questions should be redundant. Yeshua apparently came with an agenda, then left, leaving men to tear each other apart over their beliefs (often literally). Look into the history of the Church to see what Christians do to people, all the while professing they had the truth from God and faith in Jesus Christ. Bashers: Luthers and Calvins and all the rest.

    Would someone believe Yeshua was the promised messiah if they found and read a bible, but never met another Christian, never went to a church, never joined a study/home group, never read a theology book/listened to a sermon or podcast, never received a tract? Or is belief that Yeshua is the messiah something that can only be “grafted on” via human transmission?

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