‘Is Yeshua God? Part 2’ Answering New2Torah’s Video.

Jono was mentioned in a video by Zachery Bauer in which Zachery attempts to answer the question ‘Is Yeshua God’ – so Jono and I  decided to ‘test’ the concepts mentioned. You can watch the video we are referencing here.

365 Messianic Prophecies with R’ Michael Skobac: http://www.truth2u.org/tag/365-messianic-prophecies/



Jason at http://www.Spiritualbabies.net

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  1. servingfaithfully says

    If you guys spent half as much time surrendered to the plan of YHVH, therefore trying to understand what He has written….INSTEAD of trying to prove your stubborn stiffnecked “it has to be the way I want it to be because I said so” doctrine, you would realize that the “house of YHVH”, the body that He inhabited, is in the form of Yeshua. The first word of the Bible says so (in Hebrew alphabet) and His own name, yod, hey, vav, hey would confirm.
    Rejecting the biases you maintain in your public heresy, these truths are undeniable! But you have set yourself up with pride. You have dug your own cistern. It will be very difficult for you now.
    Tragically, I don’t know why you guys continue kicking against the goads. You are short sighted at best. Try stepping back from your vitriol against the plans of the Most High and examine the scriptures. Did He ever appear as a “man” figure yet maintain His spiritual invisibility? I’ll let you search to answer that question. But to give you a hint, there is nothing new under the sun. What He has done before, He did again.

    Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall!

  2. jono vandor says

    G’day Marilyn, thanks for listening and commenting. If I’ve understood you correctly, you are saying that the word “bereshit” (beginning), the first word of the bible, proves that YHVH inhabited a body in the form of Yeshua and that the Name of God confirms this???? Please tell me how you arrived at this???

  3. servingfaithfully says

    Certainly by itself, the pictographical interpretations of the Hebrew script could lead one to speculation but taken as a whole (as any truth in the Bible is to be searched and verified), the pictographically script indeed tells us not only OF the Most High, but His intentions and plans. It is the same as the Feasts. They tell us His intentions and His plans. It is the same as the Temple design. They tell us of His intentions and His plans. So do the star constellations. So does the story of Abraham. And guess what? The plans of each one of those things are the same!
    You can simply choose to make no connections, brush aside substitutionary atonement as meaningless, hold onto with bloody fingernails to Ezek 18 claiming it also applies to Him, but you are rejecting the FACT that YHVH has a “house” and He has a “spirit”. Same as us. Where do you think we got it? We are a soul being, a “living soul” (gen 2:7) with a body (house) and a spirit.
    He has already shown to us this truth. He already appeared in the “house” form throughout the Tanak. Why is it so unbelievable that He would do it again in the first century? Because He used a woman’s womb as the entrance? Did He not say that this miraculous sign would also declare His sovereign position? Oh, that’s right. Isaiah’s son is “Almighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace”……yeah right!
    Come on……you guys remain blind because you desire it. You laugh and scoff and mislead people because you could not make sense of the roman distortions of the NT. Why not? The distortions are clearly there and the plain-spoken answers (TRUTHS) are clearly there. Our Messiah did not come to change anything about Torah. Paul did not change anything about Torah. Rome did. Marcion did. Constantine did. And many others did.
    However, none of their contributions change the actual text. The actual text speaks the truth if you have a surrendered heart. ALL New Testament participants followed Torah! Look it up in the text, not in evangelical doctrines.
    If you surrender, you realize that Messianic prophesies speak of both dying and eternally ruling/reigning. You want to deny this because you cannot surrender your narrative or you’ll have egg on your face. I met a guy just like you on the Temple Mount last year. His whole family and his whole congregation have gone from some very important and critical exegesis of the New Testament….causing a great deal of unrest, wrestling with inconsistencies between right and left doctrines of truth….to chucking out the whole thing. To do that, you have to deny the plan. You have to deny the stars. You have to deny the Temple design. You have to deny the meanings of the Feasts. You have to deny the sacrificial system. You have to totally ignore substitutionary atonement and laugh it off as passe and meaningless. You have to assign Abraham’s instructions with Isaac to a fairy tale with no real deeper or prophetic intentions.
    It is quite astounding to see the height of arrogance you guys go to to maintain your stunted viewpoint. It’s like you’re shaking your fist at the Most High and telling Him what He can and cannot do. You insist His Words mean what you say they mean or you’re going to stomp your feet, cross your arms over your chest and throw your little “how dare you not write this the way I say” fit. UNBELIEVABLE!

  4. Moises GV Perez says

    Yeshua is God, the Word made flesh. YHWH is the light of the world to all nations when the new Jerusalem comes down, that is in Isaiah, and in Revelation we are told that that light is Yeshua, the Lamb of God. So there you have it. YHWH is the light, Yeshua, the Lamb of God is the light, Yeshua is YHWH.

  5. jono vandor says

    Moises, thank you for your comment. Would you back up your claim with a specific verse from the Tanakh, please?

  6. servingfaithfully says

    and if Moises answers that the whole Tanakh declares this if you have ears to hear and eyes to see, as well, the whole shamiyim declares it as well……then will you surrender?

    How about this one: Judges 13:17 Then Manoah inquired of the messenger of YHVH “what is your name so that we may honor you when your word comes true?” He replied, “why do you ask my name? It is pele (“Wonderful”). Isaiah 9:6 For unto us A CHILD IS BORN, to us A SON IS GIVEN, and the government will be on his shoulders and he will be called pele “Wonderful”.

    So when these words come to pass, a child is born from the womb of a virgin (miraculous sign), you simply want to say it isn’t so. Which one of us doesn’t believe the Tanak?

  7. servingfaithfully says

    Isa 9:7 Of the increase of his government and peace…..THERE WILL BE NO END!

    So despite all your best efforts and those of your comrades who continually slander, misrepresent, and ignore the Tanak, His kingdom is still growing. No talk show host is going to stop it. No arrogant rabbi is going to thwart His plans. They haven’t managed to do so in 2000 years and your misguided teaching won’t be successful now. If you understand nothing else, understand the sheer power and magnitude that this message has provided that transcends all principalities and authorities. You are kicking against the goads!

  8. David says

    First I would like to ask a question. Where, and in what ancient document, does it say that Jesus’ Hebrew name was Yeshua? Yeshua might be the transliteration of the Greek IHSOUS, but even so, that does not necessarily mean that’s what his mother called him. Maybe she called him Immanuel? Just saying, we don’t actually know.

    Next, I would like to suggest that in Matthew 5 Jesus was explaining the Torah, not changing it, when he said that divorcing a woman resulted in adultery. Marriage in the Torah is the union of a man and a woman as one flesh. From God’s perspective, if you engage in sex you are married. Only death can break that link. The Torah has no problem with a man having multiple wives, but not the reverse. If a married woman, a woman who is already one flesh with a man, lies with another man (Leviticus 20:10) she would then become one flesh with a second man, or in other words she would have a second husband. This is adultery, if a woman is one flesh with two different men, then the two men would be one flesh with each other through the woman. Adultery occurs any time two men become one flesh. This is all Torah. When a woman gets divorced and marries another man, she is still one flesh with the first man even though she is divorced. Jesus is explaining that this is exactly the same as adultery. A piece of paper does not change the one-flesh link.

    In the case of fornication, the law would have either the man or the woman (or both) killed to break this two men-one flesh link. I think Jesus is saying that, even though Roman law does not allow for the penalty of death for adultery, we can consider it done in God’s eyes in the keeping of the Torah. Jesus is not changing the Torah but is explaining it, just as any Jewish rabbi would do. Jesus did not say we couldn’t get divorced, he simply explained how God sees it.Jesus explains that God allows divorce but doesn’t like it.


    As for Jesus being God, that’s a long discussion. I would start by thinking of YHVH as the Son, rather than the Father (or both). YHVH is a BRANCH (Zec 3:8). May I suggest that YHVH is God’s right hand. (I have no problem with thinking of YHVH being all of God as well) In the beginning, God created all things with His right hand.

    In 4BC, God stretched out His right hand (a metaphor, can a Spirit have a hand? However, this is consistent with Torah) and put on a Jesus puppet. We perceived that puppet as a human. God became something like a ventriloquist. God talked to us through this puppet and even used the puppet to pray to Himself as a teaching tool for us. Through the puppet, God kept the Torah exactly.

    How does God explain to ignorant man just what the Jesus puppet is? A son is a branch of the father and God’s right hand/arm is a branch of God. He chose to call the Jesus puppet a son. Is this any more strange then calling Adam a son?

    33 1/2 years later, after they murdered the puppet, God drew back his right hand. There is still only one God. (Ignore the false Trinity teaching) I don’t know what God’s right hand looks like but maybe it looks like Jesus. Maybe it doesn’t have to look like anything at all?

  9. David says

    In Matthew 5, when Jesus equates murder with being angry with your brother without a cause, he is simply explaining the difference between being circumcised in the flesh and circumcised in the heart. Murder would be the flesh part, and anger would be the heart part. You must be both. Jesus is not making any new Commandments or changing the Torah in any way. Jesus is simply being the best Jewish Rabbi of all time.

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