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  1. Adella adams says

    Very good. The names are nouns but the meanings are not always nouns. I found it difficult to translate into English. Could you please define for me the actions and corruptions that the Jesus people are doing. I am trying to put into words the twisting, turning and corrupting that they do. Shabbat shalom to you both and to your families.

  2. Yoel Halevi says

    Hey Jono, I want to confirm to you that all they said on the Hebrew is speculative to say the least. The interpretation of the names is done in a very different way, and the simplistic idea of looking for a Hebrew root is incorrect. This looking for clues is very silly, and should be used as an example how not to read the bible.

  3. Jeremiah says

    Has any of the sages or rabbinic commentaries say anything about this list of names?

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