Israel’s Final Battle: Why does the New Testament insist on Armageddon?

Why is Armageddon marked as the battlefield for Israel’s final war? Join Rabbi Tovia Singer and Jono Vandor for this eye-opening and unforgettable broadcast on the End of Days!

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  1. Joel Heller says

    I realize that it’s difficult to discuss what other believe without snickering, but usually you’re much better at it than in this episode.

  2. Alisha Akers says

    Jono and Rabbi Singer. I always love when you two are together and all the interesting insight into the Torah that is presented.

  3. Vicki says

    In case you are ever in Chicago go to the Oriental Institute Museum on the campus of the University of Chicago . There is a large section about Meggido . Great Museum . Donation suggested . Ten dollars .

  4. elskid says

    I can’t share this pod cast with people who really need to start to hear this compelling and life changing information. I thank Jono for providing YEARS of amazingly level headed analysis of very diverse concepts. I thank Rabbi Singer for being the vessel that allowed me to finally abandon the last vestiges of idolatry.

  5. Doug says

    Armageddon is a term used in the Christian Testament in Revelation 16.

    In the text, the kings of the earth assemble themselves together to fight – but it is not Israel. The who they fight and are destroyed by is in Revelation 19:19-21.

    A person has to go to Zechariah 14 to know that the nations gather against Jerusalem. Revelation 16 (Armageddon) gives additional information to Zechariah 14 – because Revelation 16 does not say to fight Israel in the text of Revelation. Revelation 16 is to present the dynamics of the Zechariah 14 event, which Revelation 16 and 19, the armies gather to fight (Him) is in regards to Jesus returning to the earth.

    Armageddon is a Christian term and a Christian concept. It is not a Tanach term.

    The kings of the earth gathering at Armageddon in Revelation 16 = Psalms 2

  6. Anne Simon says

    Someone sugested I listen to this Tovia Singer. The theme of this podcast seemed promissing. Unfortunately, I got to 6.42 minutes and couldn’t stand the stupid behavior anymore. Sounded like haters more than scholars to me.

  7. jono vandor says

    Anne, thank you for your comment. May I suggest you persevere, while we did have some fun at the start of this program the content does get more serious and very enlightening.

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